My EYES are all funny

I have “the prettiest blue eyes” so I’m told, but that isn’t important…this is>

I was just looking in the mirror and my pupils were really small, probably because of the CFLs on the left and right of the bathroom mirror…but just outside them there is this sort of mashed potato-slop shaped circle and it looks almost a bit darker inside it…like a layer was dissolving from the center on out…and that farEEKing scared me.

This is your chance to tell me everything cool, or get your arse to a doctor.

Edit: Oh right, not that it should make a difference , but I wear contacts.


  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    Most people have two colors or more in their eyes but don’t realise it until they happen to see their eyes with really small pupils.

  • I know that when you detox or are going through a transition, your eyes can reflect that change. If there is anyone in your area that does iridology, you can have them look at it, or… provides a chart that you can look and see what area of the body it relates to.

    I’ve always found that kind of stuff interesting anyway.

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