Amount of Food to Eat

Hi Everybody,

I am new to this site and have been a little overwhelmed by how much food everyone eats. I know everyone’s body is different but I seem to be eating a lot less than other people and am very concerned that I may not be eating enough. Quite frankly, I just do not seem to be as hungry as when I ate cooked food. I like to chew food so juicing really is not my thing during the week. On the weekends it is great since I have a juicer.

I start every morning out with a giant bowl of fruit, usually pineapple and lots of berries. Mid morning or around 11:00 AM I usually have a ruby red grapefruit. A giant and I mean giant salad is lunch. It usually consists of spring mix, spinach, avocado, a whole carrot, two celery stalks, half a tomato, half a cucumber, three radishes and a quarter of an onion. At night I don’t really eat a big dinner because I am usually not hungry. I may have a piece of fruit or have carrot sticks.

I am planning to add raw nuts and seeds this week when I do my shopping. I am still using up the little bit of food left in my house that is not raw such as dressings, roasted nuts, balsamic vinegar.

I love goji berry juice and have never had real goji berries. I placed an order yesterday with the raw guru for some products that I had heard about. I am especially looking forward to the raw chocolate paste stuff I ordered. I have seen some of Shazzie’s videos and am looking forward to blissful states induced by chocolate which always tempts me in the grocery store.

I am only four days into be raw.

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