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Calling all Athlete's I have a question:)

I’m training for a marathon&boy I have no energy!!!!!!I just read that athletes whom are vegan need .62 grams of protein per pound of weight which means I would need 89.90 grams before a run and 50 gram on a daily basis. How does one get all of this protein..Tonight at track I felt like passingout and my heart rate was up higer than usual and it was a pain full thumping this is not my first track I have been training for 3months with no problem and since I started raw detox my energy has been low getting scared cause I have a 17 mile run on saturday what to do any advice Please!!


  • Hey Misty—good for you, which marathon are you doing? I have heard that runners need more protein, but I am not sure how accurate that is. Protein aside, are you getting something to provide you with energy for your runs? I used to take gels every hour, but those are obviously not raw. How about coconut water or fresh juice…something high carb to fuel your body before/during your runs. I take some dates on my runs…they are perfect compact energy. It just sounds like your symptoms are more from lack of carbs than protein. Try that, see if it works. Have fun on your long run….I love the anticipation leading up to them and then the sense of accomplishment afterwards. Good luck…let me know.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Mistys-no worries. Many of us have done marathons raw. fruit, fruit and more fruit and use your raw plant proteins after the run, but now that you’re getting into the wall-hitting phase, i agree w/ RawK—pack a few dates to munch on around mile 15, depending on how long you’re out there. Don’t give up, don’t stress about non-raw “guidelines’ for nutrition intake. Good link http://www.organicathlete.org. Stay the course and you’ll have the best marathon ever! Coconut water and dates, celery for salt if you are feeling loopy.

  • Thank you RawK Im running the RNR in San Diego!! I will try the coconut water and dates:) Izhpt Hey there:) what do you eat? I feel like im not eating enough of anything on a daily basis. What do you eat the night before a big run and how much food do you eat everyday? Should I be eating 4-5 banana’s and 2 helpings of salad? I’m not that hungry but I will do it if I need to Please Help!!! Thank you

  • I have trained for the past two year, but not vegan/raw. Try a book called the thrive diet http://www.brendanbrazier.com/index.html Brendan is an althlete who runs on a plant based diet. His book provides recipes for energy, drink, bars, etc.- many of which have a raw option. Hope this helps!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    You know.. I ran a slow marathon 9:10 miles about, finishing in 4 hrs and 10 min so with that and training probably just under 10 min., miles, i never lost any significant weight so i think i would let that be your guide. Most nights before a long run consisted of a large green salad as a meal, complete with chopped pecans-at that time, i had no idea they weren’t raw or that I needed to soak them-I had only been raw for 5 months. i would also eat frozen banana ice cream alot back then. The am was almost always a banana (I never wanted much in the tum for the run), but once i got to 16 miles I started carrying coconut water in my fuel belt to supplement the water and 2 dates in my pack.i had one terrible incident where i thought I was seeing little purple people at about mile 19 and my kids told me they had to let me in as i was standing at the front door not doing anything. I only remember coming out of the shower that day and the whole day, I was sooo out of it. i remember vividly not caring at all what anyone was saying to me-couldn’t process, couldn’t concentrate. I learned this was symptoms of hyperhydrosis and i needed sea salt. I actually think i resorted to putting it on my morning banana and on the dates, i packed. I’d honestly let your weight be your guide. I’d also let your symptoms be your guide as well. It’s a bit of a chemistry lesson that you learn to listen to and recognize. Cramp=water, loopy=salt, low energy=fuel/fruit sugar in the raw world. i enjoyed many larabars and big fruit/green smoothies after runs back then at least 1 liter. You would enjoy the raw Athlete thread in Health & beauty. Someone just finished a marathon raw 3 weeks ago. She dod great and so will you! Compared to your cooked friends, you are eating less, but everything you are eating, your body is using, so unless you are losing lots of weight, i would not worry.

  • I have trained for the past two year, but not vegan/raw. Try a book called the thrive diet http://www.brendanbrazier.com/index.html Brendan is an althlete who runs on a plant based diet. His book provides recipes for energy, drink, bars, etc.- many of which have a raw option. Hope this helps!

  • Thank you all for your help!! mzzmac I will look into that book Thank you Izpht I really dont want to see any purple people I will try the salty banana and dates.Has anyone heard of temphe?? I read that is has alot of protein but I dont think it would be conc raw?

  • I’m sure the thing that you should really care about before the run is carbohydrates, not protein, however more protein is needed after the run for regeneration. Did you know that broccoli and spinach has about 45 percent protein? Also mung beans, wheat germ and pumpkin seeeds are very high in protein. When I checked the packaging of my wheat germ I was amased, 100 grams provide about 80 percent of RDA!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I’m training for my third marathon, first raw. I’ve been using coconut water, banana’s and dates on my runs and it’s been working fabulously. I still haven’t gotten a raw replacement for the pre long run pasta (I use vegan rice pasta) but am going to try some pseudograins as per brendan brazier, just read the book

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    My friend just made state a few days ago for running the mile. (4:31 time) He doesn’t eat well AT ALL! I was just thinking about how much faster he could run if he ate raw!

  • lzhpt-how can you say you ran a “slow marathon”? please, it’s so incredible to run and others may feel discouraged that you say it’s slow but i say amazing! that’s a great pace!

    thanks for all the good info! you rock!

  • Hi Mistys, I just ran my first marathon and while I stayed vegetarian, I dropped a little bit of the raw and vegan aspect of my diet, though some days I ODed on kombucha and ran like my ass was on fire, hahaha! You have to do what works for you and sometimes when you’re trying to keep up on such a strict diet, your body is burning through everything so quickly that it starts going after your muscle. Especially if you’re an actually runner, like after the marathon you’re gonna continue running ten or so miles a day, you should be able to stay mainly raw/vegan and only stray a few times. The best advice I was given, by a vegan marathon runner no less, if your body is craving something, eat it, this is not a time for self denial. Of course, he didn’t mean go after a burger if you feel the crave but that you can loosen up your diet a little during the last few months of training and you won’t do too much damage to your body ‘cause everything is gonna be burned up in an instant! Good luck on your race!

  • edited March 2016

    My long runs improved dramatically after incorporating chia seed gel (I consume about 4-5 tablespoons of gel/day) and maca powder into my diet. Both of these superfoods have been used for centuries for energy and building endurance.

    From http://www.macaroot.com: According to Spanish chroniclers, Inca warriors took maca to prime themselves for their expansionary missions, and athletes, particularly those in endurance sports, have long sung the praises of the native Peruvian plant.

    Good luck with the marathon!


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