Weight lose and best workout for a gym

Hi guys!!!

We’ve been raw 100% since almost one month.

Both of us are a bit overweight. Before we started the raw lifestyle, we were vegans…

I was first 260 pounds, and I dropped to around 225. I can’t say my wife’s weigh because I do not know it. It was very hard to me to convince her to use the scale so she could see in real numbers her improvements.

When we went raw, I tracked only the two last weeks.

I checked Saturday of last week and I’ve dropped 5 pounds. I checked today and I’ve lost 3,5 pounds. Now I’m in 210 pounds and my height is 5’11’‘ My wife dropped 5 pounds last week but this week she just dropped 0.5 pounds and she got a bit pissed off.

I go to the gym almost everyday (I’m a private investigator, so my job is very effortless other than driving) My wife is a nanny, so that job burns more. She has to walk a lot everyday for the girl’s activities on her job, however, she goes one year old girl speed. Which I’m afraid she does not burn at all. She does not go to the gym because she gets pretty tired on her job.

We do not abuse on nuts, but we eat them everyday. Also we share an avocado daily. We always drink around 700 ml (1/2 of a quarter and a half each one) of green smoothie everyday. My wifes says she is not hungry at lunch time (she carries some fruit) but when she is hungry, she does not eat while she is at the job because she says, “I do not have time” The family where she works are junkatarians, or better said “ham-cheese-coffeetarians” And they never hear my wife recommendations, and she is not happy there, (she will switch in a couple of months)

I told her to have another green smoothie for lunch, as it’s something easy because I think if she does not eat, then when she dines the body stores everything, becoming a none weight lose. We are also trying to do half hour of daily yoga at night… but we are very busy and sometimes we can’t.

Any recommendations for enhance weight lose? What can my wife do? She does not drink too much water either… and I think that helps on weight lose too.


Other than the weight loose piss off of my wife, we both feel Rawsome!!! She usually had several back pain, and now she does have no pain!!! My fingers use to hurt a lot too, now they are improving greatly!


I’m a member of a gym since time, but I’ve been using the same equipment over and over, and I know that is not good.

I’m happy with my weight lose, but I want to enhance it. Also, I would like to help my wife to enhance her lose weight as well.

Well.. my wife does not got to the gym everyday because she has to walk a lot on her job (nany) and she gets tired, but she uses to do around half hour of elliptical. We usually go for 30 minutes to 45 minutes in the very morning.

About me, in addition of those 30 minutes, I usually go around one our later (after dropping her off at her job) and I go 45 minutes to 1 hour more. I usually abuse the elliptical. When i was younger, I was a goalkeeper from a soccer team, and one of my main cardios was the elliptical, so I love it. Sometimes, I also do some biking (in the gym too) and I also do sometimes that machine for running (I even do not know the name, as a good goalkeeper, I hate running) And I usually but good speed for a very fast walk but not a run, and also I use to put some inclination (like 4.0 or 5.0) I simulate a San Francisco street (as Chicago is flat)

I do no weight lifting and nor more excercise.

Something I should do to enhance my workout, and my wife’s? I know I should spend less time in my lovely elliptical… but besides of that?


  • hi! I have been doing a lot of walking at incline on the treadmill…anywhere from 4%-12%, switching it up a lot. Maybe your wife could try starting off walking a few miles at 4%...even when I’m tired, I am able to do this workout as it’s not intense cardio, though I have read walking is good for weight loss. For yourself, if you can spare the cash, maybe make a half hour session with a trainer at the gym – they can show you different weight exercises and even cardio routines. It’s also good motivation to keep going!

  • I’d suggest reading up about interval training. A study I’d read once showed that people loose weight much quicker than with endurance training.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i almost didn’t want to respond to this because i am in a different situation but I can relate to your wife. I am a teacher and I have done preschool and nannying so i know how it is. Kids are exhausting but don’t burn calories in the same way other exercise does. grrr… I have back pain too so I know she might be preventing herself from more pain.

    I think she should make time to eat on the job. I have forced myself to eat a bigger lunch and eat less at night. Eat when hungry, not by the clock. Also for me stress causes me to gain weight. It is like my body is getting ready for a famine or something and all the pounds pack on. So reduction of stress and some yoga would help.

    I also walk places instead of drive when I can. Then I am forced to keep going. It is much more exciting than the gym, I get to see places and stop to smell the pretty flowers too. I don’t own a scale but I am surely noticing results on tightness of pants and looking at my waist.

    As far as WHAT to eat, can you try drinking juices for energy when hungry or a smoothie? Make sure your smoothies are mostly greens.

    Good luck.

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    Chicogoan send me your email and in the morning when I wake up I will send you a audio and PDF book on interval training.. {I swear by it honestly

    Peace and Blessings.

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