Howdy everyone!

coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

Woohoooo, just signed up today! This site looks like it’s the bomb, lots of friendly people, great recipes…

Anyhow, I’ve been mostly raw since about sept 06. I’m just about to be coming off the master cleanse here and plan on making a better commitment to being raw. Soooo, now that I have a clear mind and clear goals, I’m ready! And on top of that, my vitamix just got delivered yesterday!!! :) Finally! Boy, I was getting so sick of having chunky smoothies LOL ;)


  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Hi! Everyone here is really nice and it’s cool to see that everyone has their own journey to raw. I’ve heard about the master cleanse…I’m a little eerie about going on it though. I heard it was intense. How would you describe the master clease experience?

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well… I guess it all depends on what your mind set is. I really do believe you have to have the mind power to do it. If you do, then it’s a piece of cake (sort of!)

    My first time I did it, it was kinda out of curiousity, and deep down I knew that I just had to make a change in my life, and change my eating habits. I didn’t do it for weightloss like a lot of people do (I was actually skeptical about the weightloss aspect). But anyhow, honestly my first few days were complete hell. After that it was a bit hard with the food cravings and what not, but I ended up going for 3 weeks. I felt wonderful afterwards and that’s when my raw journey began! I have done it twice since then, and use the fasting as more of a mental cleanse, I suppose. It allows me to clear my mind, and focus in on my goals and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I noticed that the last 2 times I’ve done it, it has been MUCH easier. My only problem now is that I got this new blender sittin here, calling my name, and I can’t use it yet!!! Ahhhhhh!

  • Welcome, agreed with koolie everyone is super friendly here, have certainly made me feel welcome!!

    Oooh new Vitamxi, lucky you! Happy blending!!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

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