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raw primal! (oh and kombucha too)

Hello! I’m not really new to this site; I’ve been lurking—just under that durian! Mwaahhh!


Hey, I’m Naomi. I’ve been a raw foodist of various types and styles for almost 4 years (anniversary coming up this September). Feeling few karmic compunctions about the consumption of animal foods, I experience some marginalization in the company of most raw foodists. Weirdo to society and pariah to the weirdos; I guess that’s why I feel it’s necessary to be open and honest here. Tons of people equate “raw” with “raw vegan”, and I’m here to say it just ain’t so.

It’s been a long journey of exploration. I’ve run the gamut from Wai’s Diet (fruitarian with raw egg and fish) to something like the Body Ecology diet (raw vegan with a lot of fermented veggies, and every day was soured oats and dried fruit for breakfast). I even did the high-meat Aajonus Vanderplantz “We Want To Live” diet, using Loren Cordain as a guide, and actually I felt pretty good; I stopped because it’s too expensive, but I left it behind rather convinced that humans are definitely adaptable omnivores.

I’ve read most of the major raw theorists, like David Wolfe, Victoria Boutenko, Frederic Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, and the like. I have to say, the 80-10-10 was probably the spaciest, weirdest I have ever felt in my entire life. David Wolfe is right on when he says that everybody is different, and you have to find what works for you. I’m grateful for Boutenko’s research on greens in the diet, because for me that was totally the missing link.

These days I’m probably 90% raw vegan (high greens, balanced fats and sweets, very few nuts), 5% raw animal foods (raw egg and fish), and 5% tortilla chips. What can I say, I have my weaknesses.

So, that’s me. When it comes to recipes, I’m mostly coming up with raw vegan stuff, or vegetarian with the exception usually being honey. What I’d really appreciate hearing from all of you is whether I should post my “raw paleo” creations involving eggs and fish, or whether you’d prefer I kept that to myself. Or make my own damn site. :-D

Oh! Last thing. I run a kombucha workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. I provide the starter culture and a 30-minute class and discussion on how to brew something healthy and tasty with it. Send me a message if you’re interested.

That is all!


  • Very sneaky nthmost :) I find all of the different types of raw diets very interesting. It’s amazing how different we all are and how some of us thrive on one diet and others on another. I for one love to hear all of the information and take what feels right and leave the rest.

  • I started out my raw adventures with raw meat as well….so, I’m not opposed to including this…but I’m not generally opposed to much anyway….welcome to posting-hope you feel like more in the future.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I love learning more about different types of raw as well. Welcome!

  • That is so cool about the kombucha. My bf makes it and he has a big starter culture that he has had for years that I call “Blobbie”. HA HA! Basically because that is what it looks like a big alien weird blob floating in liquid! I refuse to let him keep it in the kitchen…well, mostly because he spills it everywhere. :) Sometimes he gives out little Jr.starter “blobbies” to friends who want to make kombucha at home.

    Next time we are in SF (we are planning on moving out to N. Cali soon!), I’ll try to find your kombucha class. :) I saw your mudslide recipe – it looks yummy but I don’t have all the ingredients right now. If you have any other interesting kombucha recipes, please post them. Welcome!

  • ZaZa

    I was wondering the same thing, as I have several fish and egg-including recipes I would love to share. There has, however, been previous discussion on this site about non-vegan content and I believe the consensus was that such content would automatically be deleted, since the raw vegan diet is what the creators of this wonderful site are into. I eat more or less like you, except without the tortilla chips! (Though I’ve actually got some raw blue-corn chips in the dehydrator right now—is that what you meant? Raw tortilla chips? It can be done!) I don’t think this is a good place to post non-vegan recipes, though it is an excellent place to share vegan recipes! Please DO make your own site where people like us can share recipes and tips without feeling “unethical” and shunned. Thanks for your forthrightness!

  • LoveFoodLaughter – if you don’t mind me asking offtopic here in this thread- would you post your recipe for the blue corn chips if they turn out good? That is something I have been trying to make for a long time and the closest I have gotten is my purple corn chip recipe (see posted on here under my name). I like them and they taste good but I was wondering what you came up with. :) All your recipes look really good – I’ll be checking out the bread ones soon!

  • Raw eggs? This is one thing that I miss the most. My mother always did raw eggs(the yellow part) with honey for breakfast. I just love it !!!And the white part also with honey.It is wonderful !!!

  • Hi again—

    I do get the feeling that this is meant to be a raw vegan kind of place. That’s cool. Actually it’s nice to have separate sites for different eating styles, since about 90% of the time raw vegan is the type of fare I’m doing anyway.

    As for the tortilla chips, I’m just being kind of snotty there. I nibble at a wide variety of cooked foods when I think they are worthy for the novelty or culture factor. What can I say, I’m a chef—food is an art and I’d be a fool to not to venture out and widen my palette.

    But! Not totally uncoincidentally, LovefoodLaughter, right after I posted this to the forum, I looked up the purple corn tortilla chip recipe and gave it a go. Turned out great! Even my cheapo-mexican-burrito-head boyfriend gave them the thumbs up.

    Lucy—yeah, raw eggs and honey is like raw primal heaven. I mostly just eat the yolk, although I have a really great recipe for raw chocolate souffle that involves several whole eggs.

    I have, in fact, been planning to do a raw paleo diet site. Anybody out there good at doing web interfaces? :)

    Cheers, Naomi

  • “have to say, the 80-10-10 was probably the spaciest, weirdest I have ever felt in my entire life.”

    I tried 80-10-10 for about 2 and a half days and if I didn’t devourer an avocado ASAP, I would have probably passed out. Low fat and low protein gives me the same spacey, headache, grumpy, dizzy feeling I get when I have low blood sugar. I cant explain it, but that diet doesn’t work for me either.

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