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I have to laugh b/c more than once I’ve logged on to this forum and there have been google ads for pharmaceuticals in the right-hand column… crazy! and sad and ironic…..good luck to them pill pushing here..


  • That’s the way Google ads work, they find keywords that are on the content of the page. If they see the word diet, health, fitness, and similar words then the ads related to those words get put up. Raw food stores and restaurants do not have the incomes to put up Google ads (except maybe David Wolfe’s company). I think that several people here still do use some of those things especially the ones that are considered natural or part of the raw food lifestyle such as cleanses and enemas. None should be used at all in my opinion.

  • Yeah, we have to rely on the Google Ads to cover the cost of writing, maintaining, and hosting this site. It’s more work and cost than you’d imagine, and the ads don’t nearly cover it, but it’s something.

    Ideally, we’d find like-minded sponsors to advertise here. If anyone knows of folks or businesses who would be interested, please let me or Kandace know. We’d ditch the Google Ads in an instant!

  • i agree with you there socal. the pill companies are interested in only money. if everyone was well how much money would they make ? is it in the best interest of the company to heal you ? and really does anything they sell work any better than a placebo ?

  • Hey Ray..I totally understand about the cost of building a website (not to mention the time investment). Thanks to you and Kandace for sharing your hardwork and love with us. Whatever you got to do to spread the word! Good luck finding alternate funding..and thanks for not asking us members for it…although I would pay a Dollar a problem…that might be something… Anyway Thanks again!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    thanks for everything you and Knndace do Ray, like Ambikalee I’d happily pay a few dollars a month.

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