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Glowing Skin!

I just thought I’d share this with everyone as this was the first time I’ve gotten noticeable aesthetic benefits from being raw.

As a side job I sometimes do some modeling for the fine arts. It’s tastefully nude, so a lot of my skin is exposed. This weekend I modeled for two workshops in this huge mansion they rented out in San Francisco, it was BEAUTIFUL! And I had so much fun doing it, it was great.

But during the shoot a lot of the photographers were showing each other images of me and talking about how my skin was glowing in one of the rooms. Then we went to another room and they all talked about how my skin was radiant in that light too. Then we went on the roof, and lo and behold, they all talked about how my skin was glowing there too! I looked at the pictures and they were right, my skin was completely radiant in pretty much all lightings.

I’ve done lots of shoots before, but this was my first big one since going raw and also the first one where my skin was commented on. Coincidence? I think not.

I got a lot of contacts there too, and even another shoot scheduled for later this week. Being raw is helping my modeling career, and I didn’t even have to try. I didn’t even really want to advance my modeling career, but its happening anyways. Hooray raw skin!


  • That is extremely cool!! Awesome to get unbiased feedback from professionals not fellow groupies. ;o)

  • Good for you – makes the effort worth while.

  • I know the change in skin is SO drastic! When I noticed this I knew I had to be doing something right by eating this way.

  • Cool! Nothing beats professional feedback.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    As a fellow ‘shows her goodies to strangers with sketchbooks’ I must first give you thumbs up for being raw and glowing. I didn’t dare do this until I started raw, I think the change to a crazy happy person made me need to show it off or something. But last time I did an art class I was told by one of the ladies drawing that I’m ‘extremely pleasant and radiant’ which was a nice thing for the ol’ ego.

    Also, another thing I noticed yesterday: I had to have my ID renewed, and had my picture taken. I usually do NOT photograph well, but this one was… I dunno, different. I compared it with a passport picture I got done about 2 years ago, and the differences were quite noticeable: my skin looks cleaner and brighter, my lips aren’t all dry and smudgy looking, and my eyes are much, much lighter in colour (used to be brownish, now a greenish yellow) I showed this to my mom and she said that I’m absolutely glowing. I also told her what that woman told me in art class and she said I have a bright glow that’s very nice to be around. Now I’m not gonna say my mom isn’t usually nice to me but this is not a typical thing.

    Just has to boast. What can I say.

  • Good for you!!!! It DOES make it all worthile… well that and the energy… oh and the blissgull happiness…oh yeah and the raw giddies!!!

    I found it funny that after a few weeks raw, people were asking me if I had been tanning! This was in late Feb. in Canada! Yay!:)

  • SueSue

    As a mostly raw-fooder for over a year, I have to say that your skin does tend to “glow.” I guess after the pasty SAD diet wears off, the inner glow shines through.

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