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Hi Everyone! I just got a huge wood splinter in the bottom of my foot. I can’t grab the end of it with tweezers because it’s in a little deep. Is there something that i can put on it or soak it in to help ease the splinter out? I’m a baby and don’t want to cut my foot to remove it. It’s really hurting and throbbing and I can’t walk on it – i just want it out! I was thinking about putting either agave or coconut oil on it. I remember my aunt putting honey on it, so i thought agave might help. I also heard about people putting bacon on their splinter area and leaving it on overnight and it easing itself out… hence my thought on the coconut oil… Please let me know what you think!


  • how about soaking it in hot water and hydrogen peroxide? this has worked for me with gravel that was stuck in my palm.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Thanks, Newbie :) I’m soaking it in salt water right now. I’ll soak it again in the morning and use Hydrogen Peroxide. I just wnat this thing out already! I’d really rather not go to the doctor – it’s in pretty deep – although i can see it! I hope a good nights rest and this soaking will help it. I’m going to attempt to put the coconut butter on it tonight. Thanks for your help!

  • When I had a splinter I used a credit card to scrape it out. Hope you are able to get it out.

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    Take a very deep breath and hold it, then, gently nudge it out a bit. Repeat this until it is out. If this sounds too crazy, don’t do it.

  • I’ve put Elmer’s Glue on a spliter in the past, let it dry and then peel the glue off and the spliter comes out.

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