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Thoughts on Being Raw

I’ve recently undertaken the Raw diet lifestyle (I’m a month young), and from the first day I feel in love! I didn’t encounter hugely abnormal detox symptoms, and loved the simplicity the diet provided, albeit a few intense recipes I’ve unearthed online. Even when I started researching further into my foods and found that many of the foods that I considered “raw” had been boiled, salted, sugared, or mixed with cooked food, I was not discouraged. I have never once promised myself that I will forever be Raw; instead, it’s easier to take it just one day at a time, for me.

The discouragement comes, however, when I get confused with all this contradictory information about being “truly raw”. At first it was that I should eat anything I wanted, as long as it was raw, and as I continued down this path my body would detox and I would begin to eat what my body naturally craves/needs, and eat less, as well. Others stress things like the 80/10/10 diet, which does intrigue me I admit. Threads have shown up on here that argue either way. I dislike how many of the recipes found online are riddled with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, many nuts, or frequently over use dehydrators. But what is the right way to go? Should I continue to eat as I feel (which does invovle the occasional nuts to garnish my salad and an avocado a day), or shoudl I follow something more clear and outlined?

I was attracted to the “diet” initially because it seemed to offer a simpler lifestyle. I was eating for the right reasons, finally. But with all these percentages (70-80-90-100% raw!) popping up, I’m getting frigthened away. I can’t list for you what I eat in a day, it changes and frankly, I eat a lot! Weighing and measuring and figures and numbers scare me a bit, but I want to do what’s right for my body.


  • hey shambavi

    I say keep it simple if it’s working for you – I know I do and so far so good. You may enjoy the fruitarian fitness site if you haven’t already seen it, much of what you mention is addressed there-http://www.fruitarianfitness.com/fruitarianism Also-I eat a moderate amount of nuts, don’t have a dehydrator and no Braggs for this girl! peace Heather

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    amen to the fruit!

  • i was also drawn to this style of eating because of the simplicity of it, an i love it. i don’t weigh, measure or dehydrate and i don’t kick myself if i sample some cheese at the grocery. i just resolve to myself that i’ll try to resist the temptation next time. i don’t think there is a right or wrong, the higher percentage raw you eat, the better for your body and better than eating the SAD anyday. i agree that you should do what feels right to you, your bodies wisdom will kick in.

  • Hey shambavi, love the name btw…don’t worry just keep doing what you are doing and soon enough your body will tell you what it wants. I am 1 month and a few days old, I started out heavy on the avocados and nuts to transition, avos are so expensive here that I can barely afford them..now its simpler, salads, fruit, occasional nuts, savory fruit (eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes) and it is simple. Your body will tell you keep the faith :) deasmiles

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Shambavi,

    I and my husband have used the eat anything you want as long as it is raw approach with great success. After 2 years of stuffing ourselves with tons of food we now are drawn to simple food more and more every day. You body knows what it is doing. I feel that just to stay raw for the first year or so is plenty enough. I reckon that if I had been eating on the 80-10-10 approach from the start, I doubt I would ever have gone 100% raw, I’d probably have abandoned it all long before now. During detox, esp emotional detox I have really needed my dehydrated pizzas and my cakes and pies to save me from junk food binges.

    You are more likely to stay on this path if you do not restrict yourself during the difficult initial stages. You will naturally shift to eating mainly fresh fruit and greens, every successful raw foodist I have ever heard of does. Let your body be the guide. Just by eating only raw food, you are doing the most amazing thing for your health ever… you will detox and feel better as your body heals itself, just by eating raw food.

    Let your body heal, and when it is ready, it will tell you what it wants to eat, whether it be fruit, juice or greens. It is hard to imagine this happening especially as in the Western culture,we are not used to trusting our body’s instincts, but it will happen. Your body is wise and it will lead you to the right choices. Let yourself settle into it and enjoy it without worrying.

    Personally I found that when I went 100% everything slotted into place and it all became so much easier – no cravings, total satisfaction with my raw meals, so happy that I feel high all the time etc. Even when I was 99% It didn’t feel this good. To get there, as I just said, I ate alot kept it 100% and didn’t restrict it in any other way.

    Even though I eat raw with no restrictions, my body weight and shape have become balanced and perfect for my frame. In the first year of being raw I lost a lot of weight, and now in year 2, I have put on some to even me out, but my figure has totally changed. I am two bra sizes bigger than when I was cooked. And I am two dress sizes smaller than I was when I was cooked. I am the same weight now as when I was cooked. I think yoga has had it’s part to play in this stuff too.

    Stay Wonderful Shambavi, Stay Raw!

    P.S. I substitue Braggs and Nama Shoyu (which isn’t raw in the UK, think it is in the US) for salt. It is the salty taste that the recipe requires. I think recipes taste better without it anyway.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I say keep it simple and do you. I eat more fruits because it is easier and cheaper for me. I also don’t have the time to make so many dehydrated meals. My main dehydrated meal is flax crackers and I would make one large batch and make it last.

    Just take the information as just extra information and incorporate what you want. No one says to follow what anyone else does. One size does not fit all. But it is good to be aware of what may or may not be raw if your goal is to be 100% raw. Also because most people are not then there will be recipes with nuts, and braggs amino. Based on knowledge you can use the raw nuts or nama shoyu for substitutes.

    Take care and good luck.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I echo what others have said already. I have followed the eat whatever you want as long as it is raw, and after my major detox last week, I have only wanted to eat fruits & greens, and in MUCH smaller quantities than I was eating prior. My body feels more “calm” like it isn’t in a rush to get food like it used to during the transition period. Trust your body, it will never let you down as long as you also trust in raw!

  • Agreed with everything above, you must have whatever you want. Dont feel limited or guilty or anything,Take it all one day at a time as you learn more and get more intune with your body and your own needs.

    I keep things simple again because its cheap to buy fruit by the caseload and I find mental clarity in mono mealing.

    Onwards with the raw journey!


  • I think its way to easy to feel guilty on any diet and raw is definitely no exception. I kept myself torchured with questions like “am I eating too much?” “too much fat?” “too little food?” but the truth of the matter I am seeing results more and more each day no matter what. I eat what my body wants (not necessarily food cravings) be it a light day of mostly fruit and green smoothies, or a day with 2 avocados, coconut, flax crackers or a raw dessert, or what not. Some days I eat very little, but the next day I can feel like a bottomless pit. So far, I’ve been just fine.

  • Just blossom and grow ripe..flow with nature, enjoy the process!

    Be at peace!

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