juliano in portland

heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

juliano is coming to portland, oregon on monday may 12 at 7pm to give a lecture and 6 course dinner. cost is $100. i am registered and so excited!! here’s a link: http://www.rawandlivingspirit.org/

i just found out today via our lovely portland raw food meetup girl, sally! please let me know if you’re going! xoxo ami


  • I want to go very badly! I just saw a flyer for it when I was in Portland this weekend. I also had my first raw restaurant experience there, has anyone else been to Blossoming Lotus? Wonderful :p

  • Yay! I just registered online :) Is there a carpool?

  • Ahh, I saw him when he came to Pittsburgh on his 9 cities, 9 course, 9 night tour. He’s definetly a blast to be in a room with, you’ll love it! The food was good, although I was allergic to most everything I ate, but I had the next two days off of work so it was all good!! lol Hmmm….I wonder if he’ll bring his vaporizor…

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