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newby pls hlp

hi every one-can anyone help-i have gone raw before loved the results-but after 2 weeks so board of the food and found preperation so daunting. Can anyone suggest easy reciepes-no dehydrater yet. And how much raw if 100% can one eat in a day? If one wants to loose weight(i list 8 pounds in 2 weeks last time-but its back LOL. Thanks!


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Honestly, Holly. if I let my hunger be my guide as in my perfect raw day, I’d have a green smoothie in the late am after a piece of fruit in the early am, followed at 2:30 by a lunch of (today) 2 raw burgers—you can make a nut pate without the dehydrator—between two large lettuce leaves and a dolop of sun-dried tomato pesto (no dehydrator)—same meal would be salad w/ nut pate and SD tomato dressing. if I get hungry, I’d have more greens later. Most days I have a couple of dates as well or a raw goody—raw choc. w/ gojis. This maintains my weight 5’3” 120 muscular pounds. I exercise daily, yoga for 80 min., or cardio for 40 min. To lose, i would eliminate all oils and watch the raw fats, they can creep up on you if you’re trying to lose.

  • Welcome to raw!!! I am still new and exploring what works for me and what doesn’t but if you look through the section for new to raw then there will be a lot of ideas there. Also I tend to scroll through the food preparation area to get ideas. Last but not least click on recipes then off to the right side you have some options. You can browse through recipes that only use a blender or food processor…..you can eat great and not have a dehydrator! (I don’t have one and also don’t feel the need to)

    I hope this helps….good luck!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Hi holly! :o) I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast… a couple bananas (if you freeze banana chunks ahead of time they make your smoothies really cold & thick), a couple handfuls of spinach, water, some agave for sweetness and then I’ll add in things like cinnamon, grated fresh ginger, lemon juice, etc. for tastiness. You can go without the add-ins, though. Lately I’ve been adding a tablespoon or two of ground flax seeds or chia seeds for the protein & omega 3 thingies.

    Lunch is almost always a salad, either brougt to work with me from home or a pre-made one from the cold section at the natural food store here. I go out to lunch with my gramma one day a week and usually get a salad then, too.

    I’ve been having another green smoothie for dinner for the last couple weeks, because I’m trying to drop a few pounds for an upcoming vacation… swimsuit, ack. Not ready!

    Good luck! :o)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    The best way for me as far as how much to eat and maintain a good weight for me, was to go shopping or look at recipes and see what foods/ingredients appealed to me, and eat them. As much as appealed to me. That is how I lost weight when overweight, and how I regained weight after being sick and getting too thin. I didn’t focus on the weight – just on what my body really wanted to eat, and that varied from day to day. As far as easy recipes, you can do a search (on the home page) under “easy” and it should pull up a list of recipes for that category. Try “Superhero Dressing” and “Orange With Ice” for starters. You can do a search for the specific recipes, too. I’ll see what else I can come up with – what kitchen equipment do you have?

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I have been doing more food prep on the weekend and planning a few good meals to get me through the week. I am making my lunches bigger and more juices at night and in the morning. I am still getting over mono, so I get very tired at night and don’t feel like cooking much. But if you think ahead and throw some beans in water to sprout or seeds to soak you can do almost anything with it.

    Recipes: the falafel one on here is good for no-dehydrator. try some fun wraps with cabbage or collard wraps. try one or two new recipes a week if it is daunting.

    the key for me to not eat too many nuts is to eat my veggies first, then a few nut items if i am still hungry. i tend to reach for the nut bars, etc when I am at work and stressed. so at home I leave lots of fresh produce around to indulge in. treat yourself to some fun fruits you’ve always wanted to try.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I support what angie says about eating what and when your body wants, within reason of course. Just make sure you’re actually hungry – not eating out of boredom. You may find that you’ll begin to eat more intuitively on raw – this comes naturally as we eat foods that don’t have white sugar and aren’t cooked. White sugar signals confuses the body biologically, causing you to overeat because your cells haven’t received nutrients corresponding to the number of calories they received.

    if you have any cooked food during this time, i highly recommend avoiding all dairy, meat, wheat, and white sugar (no white sugar in any form). these are addictive and will slow your progress greatly. the mucus layer in your stomach formed by your body’s antibody reaction to cooked food needs to be reduced or disappear (over a matter of weeks) for your body to begin absorbing nutrients to it’s full capacity.

  • Thanks Winona for the ideas.I am new to raw.Good for a few days and then back to bread and sugar.I guess will have to stick to only brown rice as cooked food.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hi Holly, you’re doing great, there is a natural trend to go back and forth between raw and cooked in the beginning. Just keep adding more raw in. Apples, fruit etc. And have a nice mixed salad using all your favourite veggies. Put some avocado in there for creaminess and some crushed garlic and perhaps some soaked seaweed. Get yourself one of the raw recipe books for inspiration. I have just put out a simple ebook on raw lunches. http://www.rawlifestyle.co.uk Best of luck!

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