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how much cals of raw can one eat

hi every one-can anyone help-i have gone raw before loved the results-but after 2 weeks so board of the food and found preperation so daunting. Can anyone suggest easy reciepes-no dehydrater yet. And how much raw if 100% can one eat in a day? If one wants to loose weight(i list 8 pounds in 2 weeks last time-but its back LOL. Thanks!


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Green smoothies are a great way to get started. Just combine fruit with greens, along with your favorites add-ons.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi holly, don’t worry about the tricky recipes – try some easy meal ideas from this forum. it’ll get you thinking about simple ideas for what to eat during the day – you’ll notice that many of us don’t spend hours in the kitchen.


    Also, this will help you find good recipes. i have tested all the ones in my recipe box, and i found them to be relatively easy (often 30 minutes or less) and more importantly, tasty!! http://www.goneraw.com/account/box/94981

    sorry i don’t have a great suggestion about number of calories. it’s really hard to know, because there’s not a lot of nutritional books out there regarding raw foodists. however, as a guide, i use any calorie website where you enter height and weight and level of activity and age to find your calorie range. i’m 23 and consume ~1700 calories a day probably, some days less but typically not more. i think that’s smart, because i’m not going over the recommended amount. but keep in mind that some raw foodists (Dr. Howell for example) said that cooked fat will cause you to gain weight more easily than raw fat. for a detailed explanation, read Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Howell. An excerpt from his book on enzymes can be found at amazon, i really recommend reading that to understand the true importance of including a lot of raw food in one’s diet (even if choosing not to be all raw) hope this helps!!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    seek some inspiration for meal ideas. i get mine from going to my local raw restaurant, sitting in the library or bookstore reading raw food cookbooks (and not always buying one), browsing the produce aisles in the grocery store and health food store, looking up a great recipe with fun new ingredients i have new tried. i was bored with food before because i never cooked (let my husband do it), but now I am more interested than before. but you need to get inspired. oh maybe see if there is a raw food meetup in your area too.

  • I Love to cook and can do it all day long, so can’t suggest something simple Bu I do know for sure, that with Raw you don’t have to count callories anymore! I was always thin, but still went to gym and watched my diet and counted callories. But when I went raw I lost 15 pounds and didn’t even notice it until I had to buy size 0. And I’m only 70-80% raw. So go Raw, and forget the diet! Good book with easy recipes is Ani’s Raw

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Dont worry about calories! Just make sure you eat lots of fruit and greens and less fats and excess weight should come off quickly. For those who desire to gain healthy weight a higher intake of greens and fats is recommended. Also remember that the more simple meals you eat the less your body has to work at digesting your food which means more energy for you!

    Lots of Love, V

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