Taking food to campus

Hey all! I just joined up today :)

Can anyone share with me what they do when they have to be away from the house all day at school or work and can’t prepare fresh food to take with?

Do you prepare ahead of time and pack it in (problem of freshness) or do you scrounge?



  • For days when I have class till late I make my lunch ahead of time. Lately I’ve been taking a bunch of fruit, dehydrated burgers wrapped in collard greens, or dehydrated bread/crackers and raw tuna/egg-salad recipes from this site. I use reusable tupperware containers for my food and it stays fresh just fine. Also I just started making green smoothies the night before and putting it in mason jars so that I can have breakfast on the go.

    I find that it helps to prepare most things over the weekend (stuff that will last a couple days) so that I have to do less preparing during the week.

  • Ooo I love collard greens! I used to use those instead of tortillas when making burritos with beans and rice and guac….

    Do you stick the tubberware in your backpack or do you have to take a lunchbox? What’s your fav green smoothie? Sorry for all the questions, heheh :p

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i am lucky to have a mini-fridge in my room but i have not in the past and used cold packs. another technique is to pack frozen fruit and it thaws by lunch and it is yummy! keeps the whole lunch box cold too.

    I do similar to satchy as far as lunch. I usually also bring 2 pieces of fruit and 2 bars (raw ones) for hunger. I don’t always need it though. sometimes I am at work from 7am to 6pm. so snacks have helped and I have not cheated at all. oh lots of water too and herbal tea bags if you have access to hot water.

    something i have done also is have crackers and bring an avocado (does not need refrigeration if unopened) and knife and cut it when you need it.

    good luck. this was hard for me at first but I am a few weeks into it and it is going pretty well.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i would get a lunchbox or bag. i have a cute one that looks like a purse.

  • hey i have a great old tin luch box that i carry around with me all day, the food get room temp. but its better to eat things that way. i go to class some days from 9 in the morning til 9 at night , i usually take one big salad, a bunch of fruit to snack on, sometimes i bring dried apples or bananas if i have time to put them in the dehydrator the night before, some kind of sandwich (i dehydrate the bread the night before and build it in the morning)...my favorite is the peanut butter banana sandwich the recipes on the is site (super filling, super easy), celery with cashew butter, or pistachio honey butter(on my recipe profile).mostly everything is made the night before.sometimes though when i have no time i pack up some fruit nuts and an avocado just plain, i also eat a lot of larabars because i can find them in stores around school if i get real hungry.drinking some kombucha also helps curb my appetite until i can get home and make something and it makes you feel so good and alert for super studing powers. it takes a little practice to figure out what works for you, i find that on thoughs long days i am just constantly snacking and i always have a piece of fruit dangling from my mouth. super lunch power to you!

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    I’d love to hear some more ideas about this. I’ll be researching in a lab this summer and will undoubtedly have to bring breakfast and lunch with me. Wouldn’t monomeals be the easiest way to go on this one – like a bushel of bananas?

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i think mono-meals would get boring but as my grandmother would say “to each his own”

    i have been bringing some green smoothie to work too.

  • Hi shrk_byte!

    I am a student and live off campus too. Usually what I do is make myself a big salad either in the morning or the night before I go to school. I keep plenty of hand fruits in stock at my apartment too (apples, oranges, peaches, bananas). They’re delicious and easy to carry around from class to class. I also make myself fresh orange juice every morning. I only takes 15 minutes to make 32 oz’s and thats usually enough to keep me hydrated through the day.

    You might have to wake up a bit before your classes start, but with all the energy you get from eating so well its not much of a problem. Plus you save lots of moooola by making all your own food.

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