Dinner party...

Any suggestions, I am having over a small group for dinner tomorrow. My boyfriend LOVES meat etc. but will eat greens if I make them.I need something fairly simple too. THANKS!


  • Hi Mham. A friend of mine that is a meat eater came to my house and loved Gabriel Cousen’s Hummus from his book Rainbow green live food cuisine. 1 C almonds soaked, 1 C macadamia nuts unsoaked,1 C white sesame seeds soaked,5 T lemon juice,1 glove garlic (opt),1 C water,2 T olive oil,1 T cumin,celtic sea salt,1 t black pepper. In a food processor almond + macadamia and slowly add 1/2 C water until it gets creamy.In a blender mix sesame seeds+1/2 C water and remaining ingredients until it gets smooth.Add creamed almond mixture and process for 1-2 min until blended. Sprinkle some finely chopped parsley on top. You can eat it with celery,carrots,red peppers,and it is wonderful. My friend couldn’t believe that it was raw hummus.

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