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Black holes and spots inside avocado?

TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

Over the past few weeks, I’ve bought five avocados(both organic and non-organic from the same store) that were riddles throughout the inside of the fruit with black holes/tunnels and black spots. It was disgusting and most of the fruit was also mushy and dark. From the outside it didn’t look mushy or black and so I didn’t press down before I bought. (I hate to bruise someone else’s food). Does anyone know anything about avocados and what this is caused by? It was a horribly expensive thing to go through.


  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey – I’ve been there, thrown so many out and here’s what I’ve found: you have to shop around. I’ve had bad luck with avocados from Trader Joe’s, the grocery store and a farm that carries organic produce. I finally decided to take a chance and get some from the health food store and I’ve rarely had a problem. I would guess it’s an issue with getting banged around (Trader Joe’s), or not being stored properly, possibly chilled before they ripen (the farm). The ones I buy now tend to be bright green and hard but they ripen quickly and as soon as they’re ripe I store them in the fridge. Keep trying!

  • SueSue

    I’ve had the same problem. Avocado’s seem to ripen really fast so unless you plan on eating a ripe one the same day you buy it, I would go for the green, firm skinned one and let it sit (only a day or 2) until it gets a little soft.

  • it sounds like they were rotting. I just slightly press on the skin to make sure they are not too soft. if in doubt you can always buy them unripened and let them ripen up at home. I sometimes prefer to buy them this way if i know i’m not going to use them in the next few days.

  • If you ever buy any bad produce, take it back to the store! I return stuff all the time! Depending on where you shop you have a from a week to a month to return it. Save your receipt!

  • Karmyngirl,

    My HFS takes back bad produce. We live in a small town and everyone knows each other. They actually don’t require me to bring back the bad fruit, they just take my word for it. The local Hyvee will reimburse for bad produce but you have to produce it (sorry it couldn’t resist the pun) and bring the receipt, too.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I’ve found that this is caused by avocados that have been refrigerated. A friend of mine said to NEVER refrigerate my avocados, so I did a test…I left avocados out on my counter top until they literally were starting to shrivel…cut them open and they were beautiful! I couldn’t believe it! However, the ones that I popped into the fridge when they were ripe were gross inside (spots, holes, browning).

    Giant Grocery Store gives a 200% money back guarantee if produce is bad, but you have to ask for it. You’ll get your money and new produce back, or double your money back, if you have your receipt. Without a receipt, you can get a replacement at no charge. Weis Markets also stands behind their produce and gives a replacement for free, but not the 200% money back guarantee :)

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Okay, thank you everyone for the advise. I was just wondering what caused the black tunnels; it really freaked me out because I thought it was full of invisible vermin crawling through, yuck!

    I never refridgerate my avocadoes before they are ripe, but I suspect they are refridgerated before being put out on the shelves at the store. I do see zucchinis with sucken spots at this store and that comes from refridgerating produce, so I think you guys are right. I’ll make sure to get them as green as I can, and I will march them right back the next time they are bad. It’s hard to be picky because this is the only store near me that has organic and I have to walk anywhere I go. Thanks again. OOXX

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Do you refrigerate them once they are ripe? I used to, but now know that it causes those brown spots/tunnels, so now I avoid the refrigerator if at all possible, unless I plan on using them up to 3 days after tucking them in there. Just wondering… I agree with you though, get them green and put them on the counter :)

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