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Why is coloring your hair bad for your health? I thought hair was already dead?


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    I believe it’s the fact that our scalp absorbs things, just like the rest of our skin does. I gave up normal shampoo because of the sodium laureth sulfate. This chemical causes cancer and the thought of massaging into my head, over my brain, didn’t sound healthy at all. I think it’s the same principle with hair color. It has LOTS of chemicals in it. Plus, chemicals whether we realize or not, we can inhale into our body. Wearing toxic colors in our hair can get into our system other ways. Lots of people are into eco-concious laundry detergents, ect. just so they’re not breathing in toxins at night when they go to sleep from their sheets. Same principle, I’d say.


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    stickybumps23—i just read your profile and that you have been living in england. this is one of my completely un-researched theories on hypothyroidism (from which i suffered)... but i always noticed that i did better in warmer, sunnier climates. i’m not sure if it’s the stimulation i get from wanting to be outdoors, the nutrients in the sunlight, or just people being a little more energetic rubbing off on me, but i always try to be more outdoors and get more sun since then. just a thought…

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    p.s. i know nothing about hair, sorry that was unrelated ;)

  • Stickybumps – the hair you can see is dead but your follicles are still alive. SkyPrincess is correct. It is the absorbtion of the chemical into your scalp that is bad. Your scalp is skin too and that is an organ and it absorbs everything you put on it. All of this goes into your blood stream – having who knows what sort of effect on the other parts of you. Hair dresser often advice pregnant or nursing women not to color or perm their hair – why? Because the chemicals can not good for the baby. If these toxic chemicals get into your blood stream, you baby is taking them in. Yuck!

    Breathing the toxins in is an issue too. Chemical Hair colors are often made with ammonia. Do you really want to breathe in more damaging toxins than you need too?

  • Thanks everyone. Pianissima, I think you may be right. I’m from Oregon actually, and I’m always freezing, but I notice that I do feel loads better during the summer. I wish I could live somewhere warmer, but I love Oregon too much! Do you still have thyroid issues, or were you able to sort them out with your diet?

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