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Hi- I am adding more raw to my diet- with hopes of going completely raw in the future (i have to start out slow haha)

I have a few questions- in most recipes that call for ground nuts could you substitute ground buckwheat or some other ground meal? Just to cut down on the fat content. From what i see its pretty much trial and error- but is there a basic ground item that could be used in many recipes (similar to how flour is used in almost all baking recipes)



  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    ground sunflower seeds or sesame seeds can often be substituted for nuts. in some recipes you can use ground buckwheat, be SURE that you soak it 6+ hours, drain, then rinse it every 1/2 hour for the first 4 hours of letting it sit in a strainer. then you can safely sprout for 24-48 hours, rinsing every 4-6 hours – rinse REALLY well. do not sprout longer than 48 hours! It may be better to use them at around the 24-36 hour mark. after doing these things, immediately put them on dehydrator sheets and dehydrate until dry. Then you can grind them using a coffee grinder to make flour. now it can be stored in the fridge and used when you desire. i dont know how long it keeps – i’d say no longer than a few weeks in the fridge, but you can find out : )

    i caution these things because buckwheat goes bad easily when sprouting. if you use my method above, you’ll have foolproof buckwheat flour. if you have more questions, ask away!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    for a lighter fat, you could use avocado. raw fats really don’t react with your body the same way cooked fats do (cooking fats is the WORST idea ever!).

    have you read the raw food detox diet or raw life force energy by natalia rose? she has some good advice on how to integrate raw foods slowly, and her recipes are pretty light on fats…

  • Thank you both!

    I have read the raw food detox diet- and its a good book, helpful with recipes. I just wanted a substitution for all of the ground nuts being used in the recipes, mainly the dessert ones. ill keep looking around and trying different things but thanks again!

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