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Anyone have a good anti-inflammatory food list that is user friendly? Eat this—avoid this? I’ve seen some floating around the web , but many include nightshades in the good list as well as animal products!


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    sorry, off topic—thanks for the ayurveda recommendation… i realized i was eating too many spicy foods! it was so DUH! but it took reading that list. i am taking a little break from jalepeno peppers. thanks!

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    Oh! you are sooo welcome! Many times here, one person may recommend what has worked miracles for them. it’s finally making sense about the doshas and say for instance—nuts. When i eat heavier foods, i feel great, i don’t gain from nuts at all, but I’m vata/pitta. if i were to recommend that to a Kapha, they’d be huge! For you—cooling cooling cooling, especially if you live in a warm climate.

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    I don’t know about specific lists, but I know that elevated insulin levels can cause inflammation, and that ginger is supposed to reduce inflammation. Meat reportedly raises insulin levels like high-glycemic foods do, so I can’t imagine that being on a “good” list for anti-inflammation. As for the ayurvedic types, this was a breakthrough for me, but I don’t know much about it yet :) Where did you read the list?

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    Elevated insulin also causes weight gain (according to Jonny Bowden,Ph.D., C.N.S.).

  • Sorry don’t know any list, but in you can look for a food and they show you it’s “inflammation factor”

    For example:

    bananas -115 (not too good)…

    avocado 116 (better than bananas)…

    hope this help

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    For a comprehensive look at understanding inflammation, I recommend INFLAMMATION NATION by Dr. Chilton. This book was published in 2005 and I am unsure if he has any more recent work. According to Dr. Chilton, Arachidonic Acid (AA), an inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid, is a major building block for inflammatory messengers. AA gets in your body when you either eat food containing AA (animal foods) or you eat fatty acids in food that can be converted to AA. The books teaches you how to balance your intake of potential bad fatty acids that can be converted into AA.

    Vegtables and fruits are considered “free foods” in an anti-inflammation diet. Dr. Chilton has issues with the negative effects of agribiz on food production. If you want to understand how food triggers inflamamtory responses in the body, I recommend this book. Here is a LINK to his website.

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    I bought a book by Monica Reinagel called “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”. I thought it was going great until she stated that Splenda was an anti-inlammatory food (p. 39)! She lost her credibility with me at that point and I couldn’t believe another word she wrote.

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    123~ Oops… were you able to get your money back that you paid for the book?

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    No. I didn’t even try to get a refund. The book was mentioned in another book that I read about the cause(s) of MS. It shows to go you that there is a lot of conflicting and false information out there! If experts can’t agree, then how is the public ever going to know the facts? is Reinagel’s website.

  • This link does not give a list of anti-inflammatory foods, but it does talk about the different ones that have anti-inflammatory benefits.

    The produce mentioned to help relieve anti-inflammatory are…. ginger, papaya, pomegranate, onion, grapes, oranges, pears, and carrots.

    Go to this site and type in anti-inflammatory in the search. Make sure you cick the button to search only that site verses the whole web.

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