Zaphirah Lael Sunflower

That’s ME! LOL! I’ve been on and off raw for over 2 years-but came back to it in Sept. 07. Lovin’ every single minute of it. I’ve never felt better, never looked better ;) and I’ll never go back to cooked. I live in WMASS.


  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Well, you’ve already inspired me. After reading your son’s recipe last night, but not being able to print it, I sat down at the computer with a close approximation after the craving for Almond Joy was stirred, and here you are introducing yourself as I’m eating something inspired by you! Is that your leg, and is that your design? You and your son? I love it.

  • Awww shucks. Thanks. ;) That’s a tattoo on the underside of my left forearm. It represents me and all of my 4 dc, tho particularly ds#3. That’s not my design, exactly. it was inspired by something I saw about 8-10 years ago. Love that pic of you 2. what is that you are sitting in?

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