The Wonders of GSE

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I have always been a big fan of Grapefruit Seed Extract. It is a broad spectrum anti-microbal, anti-viral and anti-fungi. I have personally used or recommended it to others many times topically adn internally and seen results.

I had to have an office procedure thsi week that caused some trauma to my lip area. The technician told me if I ever had a cold sore I could expect one to pop out. She said that the virus lies dorman where it is and becomes activated in the presence of trauma. I hate cold sores because they hurt badly and take forever to heal. I was not happy to hear this.

Less than 2 days after the procedure, three, yes three, cold sores appeared on the right side of my mouth. I did not want to take or apply that Rx stuff so I read that resveratrol cream performs as well as the Rx lip creme. I could not find that locally. I looked online to see what GSE might do to cold sores. I read that I could dilute a few drops into a tablespoon of oive oil and apply it to my lips. Well, I started taking 15 drop internally 2 times daily and put a single drop directly on each of the three sores 3 times beginning mid-yesterday. Rather than continuing to multiply (cold sores usually run 7 – 10 days and multiply through the midpoint) my cold sore has already reduced by about 40% in one day. I am amazed. Anyway, the Rx creme is suppose to cut active viral time down by half, so I seem to be ahead of that curve. Another interesting thing is that the lip tissue around the GSE was temporarily more bluish-white in color, which is exactly what lidocaine (sp) does to tissue when it is applied.

I mention this so if anyone has painful cold sores now or in the future, you might give this a try. If my cold sores continue to respond half as well as they did in the last 24 hours, I think they will be gone in another 2 days.

LATER: I discussed this with the girl in the supplement dept. of my local health store and she told me about 2 other things that work: Lysine (creme or tablets) and lemon balm creme.


  • I will second the miracle of GSE, I used it when I had some bleeding gum issues and cleared the problem right up for me.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Wow! What else do you guys use it for? And how?

  • Some other things that are benefited by the use of GSE are: bad breath, toothaches, gingivitis, runny nose, coughs, hoarseness, laryngitis, earaches, acne, shaving, head lice, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, shingles, eczema, insect bites and stings, warts, athlete’s foot, corns, blisters, vaginitis, yeast infections, colds, gastrointestinal infections, candida albicans, parasitic diseases, and allergies.


    Here are some of the things GSE is helpful for:

    Skin fungi or bacterial diseases of the skin: Mix 30 to 50 drops of GSE liquid extract in a quart of water, and spray on the infected area at least 2 times a day.

    This same dilution can be used as a general antiseptic for cages, stalls, or any other contact areas where a commercial antiseptic or disinfectant would be applied. There is no need to rinse or try to remove any residue left by GSE. It can also be mixed into virtually any topical preparation, like shampoo, flea-dip, cat litter, bedding, etc.

    You can make your own organic Kitchen & Bath Spray by adding one or two drops per ounce of distilled water.

    It makes a wonderful rinse for fruits and vegetables as well, or for a more thorough treatment, soak them for fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly under cold water.

    Adding GSE to your carpet or floor cleaning machine will help to remove odors caused by bacteria left from pet, food , mold or mildew. It is reported that ten to fifteen drops per gallon in the reservoir is effective in killing staph, strep, aspergillus, salmonella and many other pathogenic organisms that are present in some carpets.

    Gargling with GSE and water will most times handle even the most resistant Strep germs. Naturopathic doctors recommend gargling with two or three drops in five ounces of water three or four times daily, you can’t do it too often.

    Grapefruit seed extract can be used to clean fungus and mildew off of shower stalls, tile, swimming pools, hummingbird feeders and birdbaths. It is user-friendly, and environmentally safe.

    GSE can be used in the garden to control aphids, snails, fungus, mildew, and algae.

    Use it in hot-tubs or Jacuzzis (one to two ounces per hundred gallons) or less if you are also treating with ozone, to keep the water clean and disinfected.

    Drinking Water can be made safe by ten drops for each gallon of clear water. Agitate or mix vigorously and let it rest for a few minutes. It may be used as a prophylactic agent for those who travel abroad.

    A very small amount of Nutribiotic GSE will keep a covered bottle of clean distilled water safe for a very long time. You can add it to home- made products like medicinal or cosmetics, to lengthen their shelf life.

    All by itself GSE is an extremely stable product and has an indefinite shelf life.

    For sore throats or tonsillitis, put 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract into a glass of lukewarm water and gargle extensively with the solution 5-6 times a day. In addition, the extract should be used internally. Those in my family find the small tablets very easy to swallow, even with a sore throat, but the drops can be mixed with a small amount of real fruit juice or warm tea.

    As an antiseptic mouthwash: Gargle thoroughly three times daily with 5 drops of extract in a glass of water.

    For mouth ulcers: Rinse your mouth several times daily with 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water. In addition, dab the mouth ulcer with 2 drops in a Tbs. of water using a cotton swab.

    (Don’t use GSE straight, it is very potent stuff!)

    For cracked lips, dilute a few drops of GSE with a Tbs. of light olive oil and apply several times a day.

    For cold sores, apply a mixture of several drops of GSE with one tablespoon of light olive oil 2-3 times daily to the affected spots using a swab. Let the preparation remain on the sore overnight. Use again as soon as possible if there are any signs of the blisters forming again.

    For sinus problems, either purchase the Nutribiotic nasal spray, or do a nasal rinse several times a day. In addition, the extract should be used internally (as in, a few drops taken in water 1-3 times a day). To do a nasal rinse: put about 3 drops of GSE in an egg-cup of lukewarm water and mix well. Using a pipette, drip a few drops of the mixture into both nostrils while leaning your head back for a minute or two. Move your head from side to side and back and forth, sniff in several times and then gently blow your nose. (Always use in a diluted form, NEVER drip undiluted extract into the nose!!!)

    For internal use, the rule of thumb for gastrointestinal disorders, including bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or viral, is to use one drop of liquid concentrate per 10 pounds of body weight.

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    Thanks, ardes – you rawk!

  • SueSue

    meditating & ardesmond, thanks for all the great advice on this product. I woke up with a cold sore yesterday. It’s the first one I’ve gotten since going raw over a year ago. I just went out and bought some gfe on my lunch hour. Can’t wait to try it. Hope it works.

  • No problem , hope everything works out for you. How much was your bottle, I paid 21.00 for a nice size bottle “organic”

  • SueSue

    Wow ardes, if your bottle was over 4 oz, then I guess I over paid. Mine was 2oz for 10.95, but it was the only one they had and it’s a small health food store in walking distance of my job. If it’s that potent though, it should last quite a while.

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    how does this compare to Grape Seed Extract?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Not something to be taken unless you need it for some sort of infection etc. It kills off the gut flora in a similar way that anti-biotics do, so definitely not something you want to take long term or for unless you have a need for it.

    It is commonly used for candida overgrowth which is better treated by restoring gut flora via fermented foods and prebiotics.


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