Raw cheese

I saw in my favorite health food store a block of “raw cheese”. It was made of goat’s milk and flavored cheddar or jalapeno. Is this possible? Can they make a block of cheese and still be raw? It seemed to be a similar consistency as a regular block of cheese.  It’s against the vegan part of raw but the how do they harden and form it?


  • I believe the only difference is what type of milk is used- raw vs. pasteurized. The rest of the process is the same. Raw cheese is the same consistency as non raw, but it tastes better- smoother.

  • Thank you very much. I’ll have to check it out some time. Maybe it won’t bother my stomach as much as cow’s milk does.

  • When I ate dairy I was very lactose intolerant infact that’s why I went vegan. I seemed to tolerated raw cheese fairly well.

  • Raw goat’s milk is probably the only dairy I can tolerate. I’m extremely sensitive to dairy proteins (to the point of getting arthritic pains if I have even 1 gram of it in my system), but unpasteurized goat’s milk doesn’t cause any of that inflammation for me.

    That said, most cheeses are way too salty. Blehhh… I’ll take my homemade cashew cheese over dairy cheese any day.

    Ps. I think a lot of people who’ve been told they’re lactose intolerant are actually dairy protein intolerant. That mucous-y feeling that I hear a lot of people complaining about is a mild leukocytosis. It can get worse over time, resulting in a lot of added allergic reactions.

    It’s amazing to me how people ignore their own intuitions when it comes to food—they know they’re reacting badly, but they feel they “should” eat something because the medical establishment says they “need the calcium”, or whatever the reason. I feel bad for humans!

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