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RAW Travelling

I am going to Mexico in October and am wondering if anyone has been there and how they found maintaining a raw diet? Any information will help me out greatly, Thank you


  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    There’s a great blog by Raw Model about staying raw in Mexico, here’s his website -http://rawmodelcom.blogspot.com/ He travels a lot for his modeling so he has lots of great information and experiences, great videos too.

  • I lived in Mexico for a few years and had zero problem staying raw. Of course, I had my own apartment or house, so I was in control of what I was eating. If you’ll be with a family or eating out a lot, it could be a little more difficult.

    How long are you going for? Why are you going (e.g. study abroad or mission trip)? Where will you be staying – both city and housing? How far out of a city will you be? I can give you some advice, but it will be easier if I have a better idea of the situation you’ll be in down there.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    The fruit is phenomenal! No problem there :)

  • mtraezme- I am going on a avacation for 10 days. Will be staying in an all inclusive resort.

  • If you’re going to be eating most of your meals at the resort, as I’m assuming you will be, I would contact the resort specifically and ask them a lot of questions. Usually they have tons of fresh fruit available at all times and should be able to prepare safely washed salads for you. Most of the resorts can also pack you foods to eat, but I would highly recommend you bring along a lunch box so you can pack it full in the morning in case you’re going on a day trip. You can bring Lara bars and other raw food bars as well as raw nuts into the country without problems.

    You can also bring fruits and veggies onto the plane, but you need to eat them before clearing customs or leave them on the plane before you get off. I always pack fresh food and then just leave what I don’t eat on the plane and have never had any problems. Oh, and just an FYI, if you buy a bottle of water at the airport, you still can’t bring it on the plane in Mexico. They wouldn’t allow me to bring on even my travel-approved bottles of things or mascara in my carry on last time – this was when I was flying out of the Leon, Guadalajara, and Hermosillo airports.

    Enjoy your trip and always keep a pocket pack of tissues in your purse!

  • I’m going to be spending a week out of town in June, and will be staying in a hotel with a fridge. So, I’m bumping this thread in hopes of more traveling raw tips.

    I’m hoping a local friend can loan me a blender while I’m in my hotel. If not, I’ll be missing my morning green smoothies. I’ve gotten addicted to them.

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