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favorite coconut oil

does anyone have a favorite brand of coconut oil for their face and body? i ran out of the lovely stuff from one lucky duck and now i want to know what to try next. thanks!


  • have you tried: Natures Way efaGold pure extra virgin coconut oil. I get it at the health food store in the cooking oil isle. I love it on my skin.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’ve also had good luck with Nature’s Way, and Jarrow, they seem the same to me.

  • I have never tried Coconut Oil, I find now that I am raw my face moisturizes itself! From time to time I use Vitamin E cream or Jojoba Oil. I like those best. I only do it once a week, if that.

  • I ended up with Nutiva’s Naturals and I like it very much, although with my rosacea I find it dries my cheeks just a little.

  • I like Artisana. I think it is most affordable pure, organic raw stuff that is readily available at my local WF. I tried one once called Cocopura – that stuff was great but not as easy to find and expensive.

    To me, they are definatley not all the same. Some are definately purer than others. I had one once that I did not like definatley – it came in a plastic jar I think and I had got it at WF and it was pretty cheap. I didn’t like the Natures Way efaGold stuff myself. It just tasted off.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Unfortunately I’m stuck with coconut oil I get at the Chinese shop. I only use it for skin sometimes (don’t really need much) and for making chocolate. There’s no way it’s extra virgin!

  • heartshapedsky- I seem to remember that you’re in pdx, right? People’s co-op in SE sells a really great and inexpensive organic extra-virgin coconut oil. The brand is Hummingbird Wholesale, and it’s distributed by a co. in Eugene. It’s my personal favorite, and it only costs $6 something a bottle.

  • Thank you Ssarah, I’ll check it out. Thanks for thinking of me!

  • I use Spectrum Organics.

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