Hillary and Monsanto

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This article was written by a former friend and past supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. She exposes Hillary’s connections to Monsanto. http://henwhisperer.blogspot.com:80/2008/02/bef…


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    While I have no problem with the writer’s commentaries about the Clinton administration, her percieved nexxus between Ms Clinton’s employment at the Rose Law Firm and their representation of big agribiz is ridiculous. Corporate law firms are whores. Partners representation decisions rarely have any moral concern unless they think it might lead to bad PR they aren’t getting paid enough to compensate for. Lower-level associates can sometimes opt out of working on those client’s files, but not if they want to move up in the firm. What is really sad is that representing corporations that intentionally harm the public is not deemed as loathsome by the public as representing someone accused of terrible crime who has never been proven guilty.

    The political machinery is so corrupt that anyone who is willing to stand against these corporate giants can expect to not be elected. Their baggage won’t be covered up, it will be dug up and placed on the 6:00 news. Everyone is looking for someone they think is going to be different and bring change in a way that hasn’t been done before. It aint going to happen. Before we are going to have meaningful change, American values will have to change.

    Although I will give it up to John Edwards, and Ron Paul on this issue, they were willing to speak out against corporate agribiz. I think Dennis Kucinich might have been in that group too.

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    scary article. it doesn’t surprise me though. hillary’s campaign is totally dependent on big business. i respect obama for not using these kinds of funds.

    meditating—i personally think that obama is the most charismatic, inspiring, political voice i have heard in my lifetime. i think the ability to inspire is certainly an important catalyst for change…

  • Barack Obama truly is our president.

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    PIANISSIMA - I agree that Obama is inspiring and I admire him for that. People forget that Bill Clinton had the same effect on a large percentage of the population. We all want someone to come along and actually change things.

    If you think that Obama is not beholden to Corporate America and plans to cater to their needs, you need to investigate his contributors and read some of his writings and speech transcripts. I have always thought he was very pro corporate but did so on the down low, which is the same way Bill Clinton did it. He was the most pro-corporate democratic presidents ever and he taught the democratic party the political importance of serving the corporate interests.

    While TV and radio have focused on the small donations made to Obama’s campaign, written media doesn’t depend on sound bites and has time to do a more thorough reporting. They have reported on the unprecedented number of bundlers working on the Obama campaign. Bundlers find big corporations and their weathy stockholders who get people to donate at least $1,000 and as much as $2,300.00 (the maximum contribution) in their individual names so it is hard or impossible to track the corporate interest that is really funding a campaign. It is estimated that only 30% of Obama’s campagin contributions actually come from people like you and me. Investigative journalists have statistics and tracers that indicate at least 60% of the money supporting Obama’s campaign comes directly from bundlers representing and trying to conceal their corporate interest. This explains how Obama can outspend his opponent at least 3 to 1 in most areas and as much as 7 to 1 in target areas.

    Corporations usually dump money on both candidates. They don’t care which candidate they own. I don’t care for Obama or Cinton and probably won’t vote this year given the options. Despite my personal feelings, I think Clinton is much tougher and more poiticaly savvy than Obama. If i worked for Corporate America , I would suggest he would be much easier to handle and mold.

    Remember, people here are generally interested in food, health and safety. We have made it a point to learn what is going on and not what the powers that be want us to think is going on. When we tell the average person about the extent of GMO and its problems, dwindling biodiversity, health problems related to cooked foods, dairy, pesticides, etc., they think we don’t know what we are talking about. Tell them about Codex Alimentarius and how Monsanta is vaulting seeds in the Artic and they think we are nutty conspiracy theorists.

    There is a hell of alot more cover up in poitics than there is in the food and health industry. You don’t get to play at the presidential level without being bought and sold several times over. The political machinery is corrupt. No shiny candidate is going to ride in on a white horse and change that, no matter how much we might want them to.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Most lawyers ARE charismatic. So was Clinton (who was impeached and why anyone would consider voting for his wife is unbelievable), so is Bush. That isn’t enough to get my vote. I’m voting for Ron Paul even though he isn’t a candidate, he’s still campaigning and spreading the Revolution and has not quit his bid for office. Read his book “The Revolution: A Manifesto”. It will surely open your eyes.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    123 – Clinton was not impeached from the presidency. He was impeached by the House and that was entirely political. I am not a fan of Bill Clinton (due to his pro corporate position and stupid sex decisions), but what he was charged with had nothing to do with his ability to or way he ran the country. It is really sad that we can try to impeach a president for lying about getting a blow job but won’t over lying to lead out troops into war, slaughter and mame thousands of people (including our own) and bankrupt our country. Our priorities are really screwed.

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