811,should I be panicking?

I’ve been panicking right now, I even ate several small boxes of cereal and had a few turkey slices since I read more about the 811 plan.


Forgive me if I’m breaking any rules or not doing html here, but I’m panicking, since I’ve been on the 811 I noticed the teeth problem starting.

Please someone, make sense of it, I’m not in the right mind right now..


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Very interesting reading alcy. Thanks for sharing. I know that some people do well and swear by the 8-1-1. I also know that some people experience what was written in the links. I think it once again just proves that one raw diet does not fit all raw fooders. I don’t think you have to start eating cereal and turkey in a panic, just keep to raw and incorporate more nuts, etc. if you are experiencing symptoms such as those mentioned in the link.

  • What is 811? What symptoms are we talking about?

  • 811 is Dr. Doug Graham’s low-fat, high-fruit raw vegan regimen (811rv in short). I don’t know that much details about it. I think it is close to being like “high Fruitarian”. I guess there is a book called 80/10/10 – not sure what the percentages are but I am guessing 80 is for fruit.

  • at least 80% carbs, 10% or less of each protein and fat

  • Well, you didnt have to eat the cereal, LOL – but you did. :) 811 isnt the definition of a raw diet. Just like spritedmama said, it works for some, but you have to find what works for you. It definitely doesn’t work for me in so many ways.

    So far, the healthiest raw foodies I’ve seen (personally) are ones who eat a wide variety of food. [I’m not saying this is law, just my observation].

  • Actually there is a forum devoted to support for the 80/10/10 diet. It is at vegsource.com/talk/raw – this forum is general and most people here will not have specific answers to your questions. I suggest you post there as Doug himself often replies.

    As for the link, most of that is from a guy named Chase Masters. He often posts a lot of what I consdier bogus studies on Doug’s forum. I have no idea what his problem is but he has some bias against Doug’s diet. If followed correctly it will prove to be a great door to health for most people. The hardest part is to eliminate the bad habits and lifestyle of our past when going to a healthy diet. This is often the cause of these problems, eating healthy for a long enough time will eventually bring health as the body releases the buildup of toxins.

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