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Dr. Hauschka sucks!

Well, at least the eyeliner and lipgloss.

The eyeliner has hydrogenated ingredients, and the lipgloss has cetyl alcohol. :( I was really hoping I could find some quality, non-toxic eyeliner and stuff from Dr. Hauschka. Can you guys recommend a better place to order some eyeliner? Thanks! :D


  • Also, they have bismuth oxychloride in some of their makeup. :( Heeellllp.

  • Rachel, why would you want to put eyeliner on those pretty eyes? Go natural, girl!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Innika is 100% natural vegan mineral makeup, I use their stuff, it’s expensive but it is great! They have a website.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    REally, your eyes are just gorgeous all by themselves! If I had a face and eyes like yours, I would walk around parading myself without a drop of make up! I mean, I don’t wear make up now, but I’m soooo bland:P

  • Zoe, what is the Innika website? I tried to Google it but couldn’t find it.

  • What about Bare Minerals? They have lots of colors to choose from and you could get a tiny brush wet, dip it in the specific color.. and voila..non-toxic eye liner.

    If you could find a good gloss base, you could do the same with their cheek color for your lips. :)

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