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Obama Supports GMO



  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Simplyraw, he spends more time in this book talking about the deletarious effects of meat than he spends talking about the benefits of produce, but the subject of veganism does come up. He doesn’t go into great detail about his diet. He does talk about how he came to his dietary decisions and the benefits that he has seen because of the change.

  • I just recently got to go see Howard Lyman, the Mad Cowboy, give a speech here in Kansas City. He is awesome!!!! He gives a fantastic, easy-going, but hard-hitting, and also witty talk, and really comes across as very down to earth, yet very sharp! If you ever get the chance to see him, I’d highly recommend going. Very worth it.

    He is vegan. He went vegetarian, then vegan. And he did suggest to the crowd it’s best to eat even more raw fruits and veggies, too. He is also very aware of Codex Alimentatius. He has a second book out called “No More Bull” and also has a dvd out. He outfoxed them (the gov’t) because there was a law that (non-gov) people could not film inside a slaughter plant, so he pushed for the Federal Freedom of Information Act then asked for the training videos that show footage of what happens in slaughter plants that the FDA uses to train their inspectors, and incuded that in his dvd to show what really happens in the facilities. ;) He’s very familiar with our laws- used to be a lobbyist for our Agriculture and Farmers until he realized the politicians couldn’t care any less for the little guys, so that’s when he started speaking to the “little guys” – us.

    Here’s his website: http://www.madcowboy.com/

    Can you tell I really like him?! ;)

  • 123 – Thanks for the feedback. I knew his books were focused mostly on the harmful effects of meat. Just saw that he had a couple of pages where he spoke about a vegan diet and wondered if he mentioned anything about raw within those pages. Besides that, he seems like he could be one of perfect ones to write a informed and entertaining book about GMOs. From reading some of the first chapter on amazon….I loved his writing personality. Possibly his next topic…to spring the top off of. Thanks once again for the book recommendation. I really do want to read his books.

    Aspire – You kill me!! I mean man, I am so envious!!! Knock me over and make me hit the ground! You get to see some of coolest speakers come through in Kansas City!!! Really… you are so fortunate!!!

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