I don’t usually supplement with Acidophilus unless I am travelling (my system usually gets a little funky)

I use Power Dophilus: Lactobacillus rhamnosus 4.2 bill, Lactobacillus acidophilus 3.6 bill, Bifidobacterium lactis (bifidum) 3 bill, Bifidobacterium longum 1.2 bill,

It works very well for me and gets me back to normal in no time.

My question is, does anyone on here regularly supplement with dophilus? Is it neccessary/beneficial? I am starting a 7 day colon clease tonight using Oxypowder as I have been travelling over the past month and feel like I need to clean out my system. I was planning on supplementing w/dophilus for three-four days after I finish my cleanse. What do you guys think?


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I do not a regular supplement of it but I make a raw “sour creme” that I use the Power Dophilus in. Lets just say I always have a batch of my sour cream made so I eat it alot and mix it into things like my quac or creamy soup. So, I get my Dophilus in quite a bit.

    I notice that it helps my digestion. I tend to get gassy and bloaty sometimes and than I have my raw sour cream and I feel better. :) I think it is good thing to take. I am not familiar with the cleansing part you are doing though but I think that after a fast or cleanse you are supposed to stick to simple foods and liquid right? I think it would be OK to mix the powder in a juice or smoothie.

  • Hi Lindaintheraw and Queenfluff,

    Now you both have me thinking. I have been raw for 37 days now and haven’t taken any supplements. I use to take Omega 3 and 6 and acidphilus lactobacillus something. I am wondering if I should start taking the acidophilus again. Queen I use to be bloaty and gassy a lot when I ate an omnivorous diet and since going raw haven’t had any problems with gas or digestion. That is odd I guess. But I will research if live good bacteria are necessary for raw vegans…I am just so happy to be feeling good (not as blue and anxious) and losing weight that I kind of have not being paying attention to supplements. For the omegas I am putting ground flaxseed meal in my salads and smoothies. Once back home I am moving to Austin in about 3 months, I plan on buying some Udo oil which has vegan omegas. Blessings :) deasmiles

  • I eat cultured vegetables w/every meal as well as drink coconut kefir. It really helps with digestion,which I have suffured with most of my life.

  • deasmiles,

    Sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner about moving to Austin, that is GREAT!!! There is a group that holds raw potlucks, although I have never been. Their website is maybe we could go together! You will love Austin, it is such a wonderful community and I can show you my favorite local farm, yaaaay!

    There is one asian market that sells durian, various seaweed, gogi berries for a 1/4 the price, and other yummy goodies :)


  • I would love to go to a raw potluck in Austin when I get there…soon late summer early fall at the latest :)

    There are good things about Sicily Italy where I live currently but organic food, goji berries, young cocounts, are not available. There are streaches of time where we don’t get avocados or mangoes even. So I am gonna LOVE AUSTIN. I looked for yr email address on yr blog but didn’t see it, mine is :) send me an email and I will contact u when I arrive late this summer :) Take care. I am going to Northern California for a conference late May early June and I will make a beeline for an asian market so I can buy a durian and experience the magic. Blessings :)) deasmiles

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