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RAW in Austin, Texas?


Hey guys,

Just wondering what type of raw food movement there is in Austin, Texas, if it’s a good place to be a raw foodist, etc. I lived there for a few years awhile back, and as circumstances may have it, may be returning…


  • Hey there, I live in Austin,TX. Just went raw recently so I am still learning “the scene” here. So far all of my friends think I am crazy. I have been going to Whole Foods a lot. But other than that, I am just using the internet to try and learn a lot. Let me know if you come to austin! Would love to meet up!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Cool! If all goes well, I will be back in town in August.

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    -o la

    i just went mostly raw too. i shop at newflowers market and central market. if you live on the south side newflowers market is pretty good. they have great sales and their prices are the best i have seen in town. wheatsville coop is a great place to shop too... if you get the lifetime membership the prices are only beat by newflowers. but i only compared organic avocados, squash and a few other things. i wish the majority of the food i ate came from my garden but its hard. we just pulled up some onions and i have been pulling up beets as i want them.

    i have 3 squash almost ready to go but squash is hard because of the vine Beatles. Swiss chard is easy, you can prolly grow Swiss chard anywhere. i honestly dont know why anyone would by it just plant some and it will grow lol. we should have allot of bush beans and some pole beans soon too. o man i'm going to brake my raw food diet for some potatoes, i just pulled up some new potatoes mmmm they look so good.. when i harvest my potatoes i'm going to indulge. a meet up would be cool


    august lol why do you want to do that to yourself. its gonna be sooooo hot. wait till October :P :)

  • I live in Austin. There are vegetarian resturants, but I have not found a raw resturant. I also go to Wholefoods, New Market and Central Market. I also shop at the weekly famers market in south Austin.

    and i agree with BosonHavoc, AUGUST. ewwe lots of water. you will need it.

  • There are two raw food restaurants in austin

    Daily Juice on 45th and Duval

    The second I think is just about the open up, not entirely sure..

    I think it's gonna be called Papillon or butterfly in french.

    They had an article about it in one of those free health magazines. Now of course I can't find it to look up the address, and I can't find anything online. arghh!

    We should all have a raw food austin party/potluck! :)

  • It is called Borborleta (it think that is how you spell it.) On West 6th street. And a place called Beets is opening up on west 5th street in July!

    But my heart belongs to Daily Juice.

    Lets Austinites hang out sometime soon!

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    lets do!

    we could have a roving monthly potluck once a month i'm thinking a sunday would be best maybe something like the third sunday of every month


  • Yup...i am more than happy to host the first one when i move into my new place by the pedicab shop. Sometime at the end of july.

  • sounds good to me.

    and thanks for the updates on the raw food places. I will have to try out Daily Juice and I cant wait for the new resturants to open up on 5th and 6th streets since i work downtown.

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