Need help with a couple Raw ingredients...

First of all


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    Where did you find cacao butter in a jar? Are you sure you’re not confusing it with coconut butter? Cacao butter I normally buy for about $20 or less per pound, which isn’t so bad. I’m not sure where you look so it’s hard for me to say. Generally speaking, coconut oil MAY substitute cacao but it wouldn’t solidify as well and would probably change the taste quite a bit. It also isn’t very cheap. Vanilla beans are relatively expensive BUT we’re talking about like $2-5 per bean… So you can suck it up and pay it anyway, since it’s a special occasion. You just won’t be able to stock up.

    Sorry I’m not being much help. I try. The raw gourmet stuff is stupidly expensive, best saved for special events.

  • Hi Rawbeginner.

    I response to your second comment, yes, I too am having trouble with this site for the last little while. It’s so frustrating. I can tell within the first few seconds how things are going and quite often I just close the site and go on to something else. I just don’t have time to waste waiting for a site to load and dealing with errors. I know that Ray is aware of the issue and has worked some magic to get things working properly in the past. Hopefully he is looking at it again.

    Mother’s Day (or family functions in general) are challenging. You are not alone in this as you will see when reading other posts. Everyone wants to know how to deal with the SAD relatives at family functions. First they want to feed you food that you don’t want (and try to make you feel guilty if you don’t) and then they feel it necessary to critique your choices (because they’re family and they care about you). Makes me want to scream.

    My advice to you isn’t going to be in the form of recipes or ingredients. My advice is going to be to have a nice big green smoothie before you go (so you’re not hungry) and then bring your own food that you enjoy….maybe a nice chopped vegetable salad with EVOO and ACV - some fresh fruit – lots of color and texture. Bring things that you enjoy. I am a bit tired of defending my choices regarding food so I no longer try to entice my family with raw creations. I just look after me and let the rest of them get on with their own choices.

    Good luck.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Try ebay for vanilla beans. It’s really inexpensive, about $1 per bean!

    Try rawvegansource for inexpensive cacao butter. It’s $12.99/lb. :)

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