Becoming easily full

Hi all,

Quick question: Is it just me or does one get easily full and satisfied on a raw diet.

I fasted today and to break my fast after my work out I was going to eat 2 apples, and the middle of a mango. I also prepared a salad for me and for my SO. 1/2 through my first apple I feel fully satiated. I am full! At the beginning of this journey barely 30 plus days ago I was gorging on avocados, nuts, salads, smoothies and raw desserts. Now I seem to want to eat less, fast, and eating a smoothie, fruit and a salad is more than enough. What is going on? I am wondering if I am getting my full quota of vitamins and nutrients. But I must be because I feel so good… Would love to hear from those who are just beginning like me and those who have been raw for a while. Thanks, blessings deasmiles :)


  • I deffinately feel full easily now. 1 peice of fruit is normally enough to satisfy me.

    It can be a problem though, people constantly fuss over how little I eat. But I can honeltly say I dont go hungry!!

    When I first tried raw I was either starving hungry or completly no appetite. now I just never have any appetite.

    intrested to hear others experiences on this :)

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I’m also a newbie at being raw, and the same has happened to me. I get full really fast and I’m not just satisfied but I’m full (in a good way). Today for lunch I had two carrots, a handful of grapes, a broccoli piece,a half cup of lettuce and a half of an orange…completely full afterward.

  • barosebarose Raw Newbie

    I get full quickly too, but I’m hungry again an hour later.

  • for me, it seems lately [since going raw.. it’s been since april 1st] i have the most DIFFICULT time getting myself to eat in the morning. i find myself going until almost dinner time without eating a thing. I will get hunger pangs once or twice, or get dizzy or feel hungry maybe once during that period, and then it goes away. i basically have to force myself to eat. but then when i DO eat, it’s almost like my body remembers that food is fuel and then i feel the hunger, so then i’ll usually eat the piece of fruit i forced myself to eat, and then ill end up making a salad.

    i have found that i get satisfied far easier than ever before, but i am also hungry more often. I’m just curious as to what my deal is, because i’ve ALWAYS been a breakfast person. always. usually i’ll even wake up with an empty stomach growling at me, but i just somehow seem to think im not hungry. this sounds crazy im sure.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Hey Mango Woman, Maybe you should try to eat breakfast for a week…well maybe drink breakfast. Test yourself out see what’s going on. Blend a shake and put it in the frigerator before you go to bed and get it out in the morning. So it’s not like your eatting breakfast, but at your at least getting some nutrients in the morning. I’m not usually so hungry in the morning either…your body is usually going through the elimination process (toxin elimination) you’re generally not hungry…and a small smoothie or even some fruit juice is sufficent. When you feel hunger pangs in the afternoon roll with that…carry some snacks with you like nuts or something on the heavy side. Balance is the key. It might stop the dizziness. Tell me how it goes.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes I am satisfied with much less food. For the first year I was eating 3 big meals a day. Like pizza, pecan pie, raw bread and almond cheese, raw burgers, tortillas, lots of dehydrated filling things…and I really wanted all of it, I wasn’t just eating for the sake of it. In the last year I have been eating one or two salads a day and a green drink,a couple of satsumas, or bananas or an apple, and really not much more than that. I do get some days when I feel like pigging out though, so I make something special and eat double what is now normal for me, it doesn;t make me feel bad or anything when I do that either, it doesn’t make me feel any different actually.

  • i will definitely give the drinks for breakfast a try. I thought of that before, i just have to get back into the swing of things!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Hey mango women. I have had the same problem in the past. I sometimes just didn’t feel like eating in the mornings (no matter what time I got up!) But then around afternoon time I would finally eat, and then all I’d want to do is stuff my face! Anyhow, I started doing the smoothies for breakfast (fruit smoothies). And that really helped me out. I was getting the nutrition, but at the same time the smoothies weren’t weighing me down one bit. So it’s smooth sailing throughout the rest of the day!

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