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Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

I really need help, it seems like i can only go all the way or no way, when i did a 3 weeks detox months ago it worked great, i have been eating alot of SHIT again since I am no vegetarian or vegan. But I am getting sooo tired of this, ihave headache every day and feel moody and still cant seem to levat burger and fries and chicken alone for the last weeks!!!! ALthough my brain is slowly kicking in, i am a MEAT EATER and cant tocuh red meat anymore since a few weeks..seems like an improvement to me..and i cut down on milk…but i just want to stop eating soo bad, i am itching and tired..WHY can i not stop…i am a person i can go all the way if i have now i want to do a water fast..fruit cleanse,,not my thing…as soon as I am allowed to “eat” some (fruits) i start cheating….i can only do 100%...I have to handle 2 small children and am affraid i pass out by just drinking water? what are your guys experience…PLEASE let me know..i want to start tomorrow..just a little concerned because sometimes when i eat late or not a whole lot i get dizzy adn stuff…sorry about my spelling…i am so upset and excited at the same time and need answers soon….THANKS


  • If a fruit cleanse isn’t your thing maybe a juice fast is…? Or a Juice feast for a longer period of time? I like this because it is still only liquid but makes you feel pretty good, and is very cleansing! I don’t think I would like a water fast at all.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SABRINA - I am not exactky sure what you are stressing about in your diet. It sounds like you want a break from food so you can get a handle on your cravings for junky food. I did a short master cleanse earlier this year and it radically changed my cravings for food. I often think what it offered was an opportunity to not have to think about what I woud eat that day since I knew what I was going to eat and that gave me freedom from thinking about food altogether. Perhaps that will work for you too. I did not get dizzy or weak from the cleanse but made it a point to rest a little more than usual and avoid physical exertion.

    If you are stressing about your desire to eat meat – I am probably in the minority here but I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with moderate meat eating if that is what your body needs. While I don’t deny that there are sound, ethical and environmental reasons for not eating meat, and I think that is an admirable and responsible goal if you can tolerate it, I don’t believe humans were necessarily intended to only eat plants or that all humans do better without any animal protein. Many people, and I am one of them, don’t feel good when they eat only plants. That doesn’t mean they are misinformed souls without the conscience and self control just eat plants. I used to eat up to a pound of meat daily and felt wretched. Now I only eat pasture-fed red meats, which are very lean, or chicken. I may eat up to a pound weekly and feel much better. I have eaten a vegan diet for almost three months and felt horrible until I added moderate amounts of meat. I have never felt better than I do now eating high raw with some lean meat. I haven’t found another protein that is an equal substitute for meat when it comes to how it makes my body feel, although I have just recently started using hemp products and that does seem to hold me over longer before I need to consume some meat. If you fall into the same or similar category and you just don’t feel well if you don’t eat some meat, then I don’t think you should beat yoursef up for doing what makes you feel physically better. There is no one diet that is 100% for everyone out there.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    sabrina, i can totally relate. i have read up a lot of this lately and from what i have read is a water fast lets out the toxins too fast and you start feeling sick. this has happened to me. it’s NOT fun. since you have 2 kids you need your energy. i think you need to do a juice fast or green smoothie feast for one day and see how you feel.

    i am also concerned about your reasons for wanting to go raw. for health reasons? if, like me you are addicted to foods you have to get it out of the house. i know this is probably hard with a family around but let them know they need to support you. encourage them to eat more produce as well.

    and once you slip up, you need to forgive yourself quicker so you don’t then let the floodgates open. (been there!). just know that the next meal can be raw and you go from there. one day at a time. don’t try to plan so far ahead.

    we are here for you!!!

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    Thats it..the floodgate…good word (as a german i cant always express myself in words like i would like to)..once i cheated I kick in teh floodgate and it will stand WIDE open for a long time. In the long run i want to eat better and healthier. I do agree that humans ate meat thousands of years ago and that we could still if we would handle it back than. Obvisouly i cant go to the wood with and hunt down a cow…but eating moderate like we “used to do…once a wekk or month, whenever we would catch any thousand of years ago…does that make sense?..anyway…i am ready the PETA magazin and it doe supset me…BUT once the craving hits…i ate 4 burgers in one week..dont even want to think about what kind of nasty meat i ate…yikes. But i am tired of this..i dont know exactly which path i want to go, i would like to see myself between raw and vegetarian…maybe a rawterian..hehe…BITT i will follow your advice and do a green smoothie day..thank you. MEDITATING…i wish i would know why i am stressing, i think because i have been trying for days to kick off” and it did not work. I have a headache evey day and still seem not-to-get-it…gosh…makes me soo mad. So tomorrow i will only have green smoothies and orange juice..i got the vitamix 5200 for we cant afford to buy groceries…PLEASE you guys have to stay with me on that one…i may need more support…my husband supports me and my kids eat mainly fruits and whole grains anyway..we have no sodas in the house…as a matter of son is almost three and never had a single swallow of any kind of soda…i am strict when it comes to them..but not myself…

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    sabrina, treat yourself like your child. your body deserves the best just like your children. i think you realize the negative health effects that eating poorly has on you. stress can make people do crazy things sometimes. be patient with yourself. one benefit for me of being raw is i handle stress better. and if you feel some crazy cravings coming on take deep breath and make a cup of tea.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Sabrina, it sounds like you have some disordered eating habits, which aren’t your fault. My advise to you first off is to stop fasting. If you have any kind of disordered eating problem, fasting is the single worst thing to do for your body. If you are suffereing from bingings on very unhealthy foods such as burgers and animals fats, you need to nourish your body with the proper foods, not punish it by depriving it, and not confuse your brain with starvation, sweetie. Please do not be afraid to eat. You need food and your babies need you. Fasting is not an option.

    Many of the folks here love green smoothies for binging problems. A properly-made green smoothie, made with healthy dark greens such as kale, will give you a great shot of calcium and protein along with the much-needed carbohydrates your body craves.

    If you need fat, then make a vegetable wrap filled with avocado and sprouts and eat up! Grap an apple whenever you need it. Make sure you get a nice piece of citrus every day.

    I feel perhaps you should limit or stop your intake of grains for now, also.

    One more thing: it is not important right now that you label yourself. I am aware how great the need is the last ten years to find ourselves by choosing a label, but I guess having grown up in the 1960s and 1970s, when we were taught to do what was right and not freak out over “belonging” to a popular and accepted group. Action was first, while belonging was secondary. I eat a vegan diet but do not claim the label because it’s not important to me who others think I am. I’ve been in animal rights since I was 11 years old but will not join PETA because I loath some of their beliefs. The names, titles and labels are not important to me. My actions are important to me.

    Before I forget: since you mentioned that thousands of years ago, our ancestors ate meat. Sure, but they never evolved to NEED meat. That is a bogus notion, perpetuated by the meat industry. Main-stream anthropology has never, never supported this lie of man evolving to need meat and milk, never. Early man started to scavange for meat and eventually hunt during times of starvation due to environmental changes. We can survive on it, definately. It also kills us and causes great harm. Put your health first, before anything, and all good things and thoughts will follow. OOOXXX

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