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Joseph Mercola going out of his mind again.

TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

I could be wrong, but I seem to see a lot of raw vegans and raw vegetarians with the misguided notion that Joseph Mercola is a safe source of information. Most of this trust is based on his seemingly “bold” stance against the conventional medical establishment. What I see from him is a constant and unending flogging to buy his goods, by the use of misinformation blended with fact, generous use of falicies, mutilation of English rhetoric and out-right lies. It makes me sick to my stomach how far he will go and yet people seem to think they must fully support him because he, what? Says the American medical establishment is a greedy hog? So what? We all know that. People are flocking and bowing and pandering to him because they are doing what they always do in front of a doctor: Dropping to their knees and worshipping.

His latest tirade against vegetarians is now that vegetarian mothers are so malnourished from lack of meat, raw milk and his fricking krill oil, that their babies boys have deformed penises. The last putrid claim of his that I read before this was that vegans were so horribly undernourished that they stank of “rotting flesh”.

We really need to stop feeling that 1) only a physician(most of them are not true doctors and I do not give titles to those who do not earn them) can make a stand against the greed and evil inherent in our medical society, and 2) stop acting like post-Vietam kids and slobbering with trust over every and any person who makes a single statement we like without investigating their entire policy.

We are such saps.


  • wow- never heard of this guy but he sounds luny. why would raw vegans/vegetarians listen to this guy if he is so anti-vegan? i agree with you, doctors don’t really impress me these days, most i’ve met are arrogant and uninformed about the power of nutrition.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    LMAOOOO @ joseph mercola. i think he is quite hysterical of a character, really quite amusing. he really is a bit off his rocker.

  • Thank you Alix 1962. Agreed!

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Who? Never heard of this guy, but by the sounds of what you are saying he seems demented!! I don’t smell like ‘rotting lfesh’ thank you very much. My non vegan husband wouldn’t stand for that!

    This guy sounds like an a$$ hole! I don’t know anything about the guy, I will go and google him as soon as I am done here though. What has he got against vegans and vegitarians anyway?

  • i visited his site once when i heard about it on a raw forum, and immediately saw nothing but ads for his own products! the site was so full of ads, i couldn’t even find any actual articles or text! bah! i never went back.

  • Like most things, you have to sort the good from the bad.

    Mercola.com is the largest alternative site on the web, counted by newsletter distribution. I have learned a TON from it over the years and it is partly why I checked out Raw in the first place. Mercola says he eats about 90% raw. Where he differs from many proponents of raw, however, is on his insistence that people have varied metabolic needs and the same diet will not work for everyone.

    I believe he is spot-on with his promotion of the need to correct emotional issues to obtain true health. You can eat properly until you turn purple, but you won’t achieve or enjoy true health until or unless (depending on your history) you clear up your emotional baggage.

    You may think that is loony, but I certainly believe it to be true!!!!

  • Jenoz- not loony. :)

    I strongly disagree, though, that he is as open-minded about different food lifestyles as what you mention. While he does tout eating more raw foods and has some good info included with his slanted, self-promoting information and products, he consistantly denounces a vegan lifestyle for anyone and PUSHES meat/animal products on his audience.

    Boo. :(

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I receive Mercola’s newletter and find, more often than not, he offers information about issues that interest me. I am aware he is selling products, which you can hardly miss. Products are sold on this site as well but that doesn

  • he believes in the eat right for you metabolic type diet, the “blood type” diet. i thought it was interesting that reading one of his books, he admits over the years to have believed whole-heartedly in various types of diets, including low carb, eventually he found that didn’t work for everyone and changed his mind. he says that the blood type diet works well for the most people. but i wonder since he’s fluctuated so much in the past if this is just his latest “best diet”. i actually really like the guy, i agree with most of his articles/commentaries. his insistence that meat eating is the healthiest dissapoints me because i know loads of super healthy long term vegetarians vegans and especially raw vegans that are in glowing health. i like the fact that he is into raw food, even if he includes raw dairy and raw honey. i have to admit he’s gone a little wacky with the product pushing, but i swear the man has done his homework and i think very few of his supplements and products are frivolous.

    his skin care line looks to be the purest product i’ve seen. he is a big advocate of skin care using food grade ingredients.

    for the record i’ve never purchased any product from him, only a book i bought for my mom.

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