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going camping, need help ASAP!

BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

Hey everyone! So I am going camping several times this summer, and while I am suuuuuper pumped, I am a little nervous about the food. I’ve done short weekend trips before and been able to stay raw pretty easily, but what the heck do I do about a 3-week trip? bars? Lots and lots of bars? I plan on bringing some bars, wheatgrass powder, and some dried fruits for sure, but how is my digestive system supposed to function if I don’t get enough greens in there? Any input would be appreciated greeeeeeatly


  • Will you have any access to farmers markets or the like, or are you needing to pack all of your food for the whole trip?

    I recommend lots and lots of raw fruits and veggies to eat as snacks, and then anything you can make in advance and freeze or dehydrate, too.

  • I am doing 2 weeks this summer. I am in the process of acquiring powders from Healthforce Nutritionals. Also, I plan to return to the basics of fruits, veges, nuts and seeds. Sprouting, or at least soaking, is a great way to generate raw in the wild. Nature can provide lots of fresh greens, depending on where you’re going. I’ve been dabbling in wild plants and feel pretty confident that I can supplement my “bring alongs” with “wild finds”.

    I assume you’ll have resupply opportunities just as you would on SAD? Use those opportunities for fresh greens and fruits. If you’re somewhere remote, you probably won’t be able to get avos and coconuts, etc, but you can surely get SOMETHING fresh.

    Each time we make something raw, we ask ourselves “would this work outside”? I think the trick, at least for me, is a BIG box of drieds, etc. Like dried (really dry) and ground dates and sun dried tomatoes and herbs. Then I can make everything with date paste, and pasta sauce for zukes with only olive oil, powdered tomatoes and dried seasonings.

    Bring your rare and exotics with you. We’re on a chia kick, and Chia is PERFECT for travel or camping. Just add mashed fruit, or nut mylk (shake nut butter and water) and some seasonings, or even green powder, and you’ve got a filling and nutritious meal!

    Good luck and ENJOY yourself.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Dehydrated food, for sure! You can rehydrate it with water… whether dehydrated oatmeal, fruit, or other foods.

    Not sure if I would be ready for ‘wild finds’. Yeowsers.

    What about sprouts in a sprout bag. :o)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Are you camping in a tent or camper? Fridge or cooler available? Didn’t know whether to suggest for really roughing it in a back pack or a camper with a fridge? :)

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    hm, all good input, thanks everyone! Ya, I’ll be in the backcountry, so definately no access to fridges or coolers. I need to carry everything I need on my back. And while I’m familiar with the maps, I’m not familiar with the area enough to depend on it for sutenance (other than the sunshine!)...what IS chia exactly? I keep seeing it turn up time and again on this site and am not totally clear on what it is and why it is beneficial?

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I think it is easy to find ready made sweet items, but harder to find savory items. I can only eat so many sweet bars and such. I did find a snack called Gopal’s wraps. They are pretty good and inexpensive. I think they would pack tightly and not get too smashed. I bought them from raw guru, but I am going to try to figure out how to make something similar. Each “stick” is a highly seasoned nut mixture, available in different flavors, wrapped in nori and dried. They are about the size of a slim jim and come in packs of two.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    BeTheChange – chia info and recipes from Angela Stoke’s website. They are the little black, or white, seeds that are on chia heads :) Sort of like poppy seeds, get stuck in your teeth for awhile, but absorb water quickly, so won’t be there for long if you don’t have a toothbrush. Super good for you! Angela sells the only chemical free chia around, she and Matt Monarch, her beau :)


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