Another Newbie!

Hello everybody :)

I’ve been browsing this forum for around a week during my transition from cooked vegan to raw vegan. I started by eating raw through the day and one cooked food, eg. a jacket potato, with a salad.

The one thing I’m finding hard to give up is caffeine, everything else has been a breeze! I had my very first totally raw food day (except the coffee) yesterday and I was so happy! I’ve also eased my husband in to my new lifestyle by cooking him his favourite (vegan) meals so he doesn’t ‘miss’ out!

Anyway, see you round the forum :)



  • Hi Patchouli,

    welcome to this website, there is lots of useful information here, from recipes to advice, to nutritional information and how to overcome all types of issues that may crop up when raw.

    As for the coffee, I live in the nation of coffee lovers, Italy. It is a ritual here “Let’s have a coffee” wasn’t a big fan of espresso to begin with. Drank tea mostly but I loved my tea, anyway I guess I was in such bad shape that I was willing to do anything to lose weight and feel better. To really detoxify I thought I read somewhere you have to give up exito-toxins such as caffeine. Its a personal choice really. For me the tea was really more of a ritual and psychological attachment than anything else, physically I don’t miss it at all. For others its different though and they have gone through brutal withdrawls. Glad to hear you are raw. Keep it up :) blessings, deasmiles.

  • Hey Patchouli, welcome! I’m a newbie too, and this place is fabulous for information, support and just plain friendliness. I love it!

  • Hi Patchouli, I gave up coffee 7 years ago and that was the hardest thing in my life. Being Brazilian I was raised drinking coffe since a child. Well,what I found out is that Juliano,the raw food chef drinks coffee and he said that natural/raw coffee is ok. I don’t know. Maybe you could check this out,but I think that coffee is not good for anyone.Anyway,good luck on the raw way.

  • hi Patchouli! i am also new to raw, exploring, and i am not 100%. i have also struggled with letting go of (much loved:) coffee. however, as i began to eat more raw food throughout the day, i began to feel less energized after drinking coffee. so i began drinking green tea (about 2 weeks ago) as a replacement and i believe the warmth and caffeine of this beverage helped me deal with the psychological attachment. be gentle with yourself! i wish you well!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Lucy, I heard that too, how on earth d’you get raw coffee though, I always thought that until they were roasted the beans taste nothing like coffee. I agree that coffee is no good for anyone or the planet, I am just curious about what Juliano is doing with his coffee! Anyone visiting his restaurant please report back to us!

    By the way, I found coffee hard to give up, more the descicion to be without it than anything else. I was raw when I stopped it, and I didn’t have any withdrawal effects, I just felt more amazing than ever before, it was really holding me back. Had cooked food cravings and a dress size disappear along with the coffee too which was nice :)

    I had been drinking a whole cafitiere/big jug of filter coffee per day for years, and years and years I wasn’t a light user by any means! I think being raw when I stopped prevented a bad detox/withdrawal.

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