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social gatherings and traveling

hey, I’m new along this path of raw vegan. What books/other resources would you suggest I get a hold of that would cover “dealing with others”, such as social gatherings, odd remarks and also some helpful hints in regards to traveling. Thanks Genny


  • hello! social situations have been hard for me since eating high raw but i’ve come to a simple solution, thanks to the kind words on this forum- being true to who you are and being healthy are your keys to being a walking billboard for your raw food life. no need to explain, you just feel good.

    as for traveling i just do lots of research before hand where to find vegan/ raw restaurants, farmers markets and organic grocers. and of course pack a few pieces of fruit for an airplane ride or a cooler of goodies for a car trip.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes I agree with heartshapedsky, I’ve never had a negative response, I’m very confident and positive about being raw. It’s not something I feel weird about, which means that other people don’t feel weird about it when they are with me. Whatever you radiate, is what will come back at you, so be proud and sure of yourself. You’re a star!

    I take dehydrated goodies travelling with me, and tons of fruit. Chris and I also have taken our blender and Champion juicer, and food processor away with us before – didn’t use them though, had plenty of fruit ;) Got nice big muscles after lugging all of that around with us!! If people come to your house, push the boat out and make some really special raw food for them, it really makes them understand why we do this. Its hard to understand without tasting the food, especially for concerned parents. My family were truly overwhelmed by the feasts I make them.

    I have never been a drinker, and not drinking I have found is far harder for other people to take than being raw vegan. Maybe it is the heavy drinking, pub culture here in Northern England, but people are always trying to persuade me to drink, but they accept my food choices no problem, wierd huh?

    Is there a specific situation that you’re worried about/dreading?

  • That is great advice Zoe. I think that I do feel weird about Raw Foods. It is still new to me and therefore new to everyone around me. My husband does not know what to do with me anymore. At work, whatever my lunch is for the day always winds up being the topic of conversation. My co-worker said the other day—we are not allowing you to become a raw vegan! I think it is just the idea of extremism that is hard for people. That and being forced to question their own choices. I know I feel good eating this way, but I am self-conscious about it still and feel like I don’t want to be a PIA when I am with my husband and family. That said, I know there will be a point where I just demand they accept my choices, but as it is new and I am not feeling great, I don’t have the confidence to assert that this lifestyle is working well for me.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Genny – this site has been my best resource. If you scroll through the forums, especially under Being Raw you’ll see these issues addressed with lots of great advice and support. It will make you feel very much at home. You’re blazing a trail for those who give you a hard time now.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I agree with amysue. This is a tough issue for most but it does get easier! Hang in there!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Alissa Cohen’s book “Living on Live Food” is a great read – if for nothing else than her practical approach, joy for life, and her response whenever anyone says that eating raw is “radical” – I love her attitude, and she also makes it not about spending hours in the kitchen every day, while also recognizing that at first you need to make gourmet recipes and have food with you wherever you go.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I just went to my first potluck-type social event while being raw. I brought a pretty platter with lots of carrots, celery and broccoli crudites. on the side I had a nice dill/zucchini dip from this site (i did not mention it was raw). pretty much everything was eaten. People ate a lot more of it because it looked so pretty (I had a nice plate and parsley garnish (wish I took a pic!). I also anticipated my need for a fun drink so I brought some seltzer. Someone brought oranges and I squeezed a slice into my drink. I also ate the grapes. I was not tempted by anything (except the grapes, which were probably not organic but yummy).

  • Well, if I’m going to be somewhere where I know there’s gonna be pizza, cookies, cake and ice cream or just cooked foods that I wouldn’t eat, I’ll bring something of my own, like nori rolls and a raisin pudding or something. Once I had two people actually want to try some walnut/coconut/raisin/orange pudding I made and liked it a lot. :)

    basically, I usually don’t make a big deal about it, and if people ask me why I’m so “healthy” or “nutritious”, lol, I just say because I want to be.

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