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Hey everyone! So, because the sun is finallllllllly coming out here in my part of the country, and it’s finally beginning to feel like spring (even though it’s practically summer) I want to celebrate! There is a full moon next week and I really want to do some sort of mono diet for a few days or sticking to something very simple. I do not want to do a fast, as I am in physical training for an upcoming climbing trip and need to maintain energy levels and such, but I was thinking perhaps an apple diet? Say, from this Saturday to next Saturday? Apple diets are the only ones I have heard of doing for a mono fruit feast, although I’m sure you could do it with just about anything…? I am also doing really well with my coming off of coffee, and I want to enforce that with this week of full moon celebration, as well. This would be my way of giving extreme thanks to Mother Nature as the seasons change, as I change (I just graduated college and am moving on to a new and exciting stage of life), and as the moon changes. It will make me (and you, if you choose to join me) have intense appreciation for apples (or whatever fruit), as well as the foods that I will probably crave during this week of monofruit commitment.

If you have any input on what I should do, let me know! And by all means, consider this an invitation to join me!

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