"Cold" smoking?

I want to include more raw food into my diet (I am a vegetarian for more than 20 years but heavily overweight) and I was wondering if tea-smoked or “cold” smoked veggies are considered to be raw? I love tea-smoked bell peppers and chilies, they add a great taste to salad and spreads. Wikipedia says that “cold” smoking holds the food at room temperature, so it would be okay, or? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoking_%28food%29)

Thank you


  • Hi cor-ka, I am not sure about cold smoking food, but I wanted to relate to you that I too was and still am overweight-heavily overweight).

    I started out at 228lb the heaviest I have ever been and I am down to 207 now. And still going, I think that the cooked food I was eating was not being digested properly, I was not getting the proper nutrients, and I was retaining water and bloating because my body was trying to protect itself from the toxic, protein heavy acidic food I was ingesting. So, nothing worked, I controlled calories, worked out a lot but I was still heavy. For the first time in a long time in my adult life, I have hope. My weight is steadily dropping, I feel good and I am firming up. The jiggly bits, the cellulite is lessening every day. I have hope! So if eating cold smoked, tea smoked food will help you eat raw, go for it, it may help you with weight loss if that is what you are loking for. I am by no means an expert, just a person who has seen some amazing results eating raw. Good luck, deasmiles.

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