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The rash on my ass


...it’s been there since my second month of raw, and it’s faded, but it’s definitely still there, and I’ve been 100% raw over 5 months now. It’s just like a streak of rash on my butt. I initially discounted it as ‘detox’ related, but now I’m wondering why it’s still there…


  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    I have problems with rashes. When I started raw, my skin started to look really nice, then all of a sudden it got worse again. Then better. I think it is the body getting rid of more toxins. I have a skin condition that causes me to break out for MONTHS if I eat gluten just one time. Being raw has really made a HUGE difference. I think our bodies will go through more detoxing as we go along.

  • what is the rash like? I had something near my bikini line about a year or so ago and it showed up after I shaved there. I thought it was a rash from shaving but it turned out it was a “yeast rash” (candida related) called tinea versicolor. It didn’t itch and it was just damn ugly – it was blotchy, red-brownish and the top of the blotches were slighty flakey looking. I used tea tree oil to get rid of it. It didn’t go away on its own. It can also show up in the form of white spots when you tan – your skin will tan unevenly. I now have it that way too. When I tan again this summer, I am wondering if it will show up again.

    I don’t know if that is what you have – but it is yeast related – meaning if you have any sort of yeast imbalance in your system and are now detoxing it out – it could detox out through your skin. It can be difficult to get rid of off but once you get rid of the yeast imbalance and are done detoxing it should go away.

    Here is a pictures of it: http://health.allrefer.com/health/tinea-versico…

    It can take quite a while for detox to go away. At a potluck the other night, a lady was telling her story about rashes she would get on her legs and they came and went for many months and finally now they haven’t come back.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    MOTH - I just love your topic description. LOL.

  • wow I have the smae problem been raw for 9 months and all of a sudden the past month and a half terribe rash-itchy and burns sometimes cause its so itchy-bikini area-underarms, underchest, inside arms, stomach-probably candida detoxing out of me very uncomfortable cant wait for it to go-any ideas???

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I am with you Meditating.

    I just love this website you guys are so cool! It is so neat to find a place where we can discuss some really icky things and make it so natural. It is like I finally found a home.

  • I have had skin rushes/eruptions as well when I began the RAW diet. It is detox as all of you know. Skin is one of the “organs” of elimination even if we are not used to see it that way. Those “crisis” are often cyclical so you may experience a sudden improvement and then a re-appearance until you are finally clean. Along with skin eruptions of all sorts you will likely experience itchiness and burning sensations. I was able to speed up the detox process using hydrotherapy, particularly steam sauna.

  • My experience with the body has taught me that rashes, acne, eczema, etc. are all manifestations of an over or under-abundance in our diet. I would suggest looking into reflexology, specifically meridian and lines and points, and how they relate to the location of your rash. I recently found out the reason I was experiencing dry skin on my knuckles was a digestive pH imbalance. I corrected the imbalance, and now, my “hereditary” dry skin, is gone and never coming back… It sounds like it could be an immediate over-abundance if it started so quickly after going raw, look into how your diet changed after going raw and start eliminating things and taking log, only way to do it ;)

  • Yes, blue eyes. I agree. I’m English and we ‘don’t do rashes on our ass’s’ here. We suffer in silence and scratch discreetly. Ha Ha Ha It’s so good to be open.

  • Just joining you to say that last week had gone totally raw for about a week then I had a horrible rash, seemed under the skin almost..looked kinda like bloodspots like hickey stuff all over, especially my legs. It has now gone…keep up the water and wash your food thoroughly….worked for me anyway. Probably was a combo of that and detox. Also, wash wash wash all the clothes you wore during it including pjs or it might reoccur.

  • quite frankly i wish goneraw.com was similar to craigslist, in that you could vote discussions into the “best of” category because this is the best title for a post, HANDS DOWN! in all seriousness, though, rashes suck and i am very rash-prone when detoxing and/or eating crap-tastic food. sometimes rashes have to do with your liver and the level of toxins being stored in it. and yes, sometimes rashes are specifically related to candida, which is something i’ve experienced too. it’s a lil bit fine-tuning your diet to help it un-rash itself AND a lil bit of waiting for it to play out on it’s own.

  • I second mellie-bellie, sometimes it’s very important to be peaceful with the rash, and know that is part of a valuable learning experience, eventually helping you to be more aware and more conscious of your body and diet.

  • Check out my post about raw cashews and mangoes on the “being raw” forum. Could it be that?

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I’ve had a few different rashes, most turned out to be candida or excema. What I have found works wonders on all of them is coconut oil. Sometime I would put it on directly, but usually I just make a body scrub with it(just mix with brown sugar). After a few weeks ALL my excema was gone(and this after 3 years of Dr’s creams doing nothing).

  • Yes, Yes! Coconut oil has worked magic for my eczema too! Yay coconut oil!! I just love that stuff.

  • If you eat too many nuts, strawberries or buckwheat, it can cause rashes. Growing up on a mennonite farm, we grew and picked strawberries and sold them. Ended up eating tons every June because there were just soooooo many. Eating too many after a while would give you a “strawberry rash” It was talked about from my great grandmother down, and I’ve heard of others saying that as well. It’s not an allergy, just strawberry overload

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    Very likely, the others are right. But, just to be thorough, what do you wash your clothes with? And are you sitting a lot or sweating a lot during the day?

    My socks (no dye) used to itch my feet like mad. It turned out that it was because of the detergent I used. My feet love to sweat, and apparently my skin was reacting to whatever residue was left from the detergent.

    Have you ever tried washing clothes with stuff like white vinegar, baking soda, borax, instead?

  • I have to agree that this title is priceless! I love my new family on GoneRaw, too! So, though I haven’t yet had the joy of a rash on my ass (and by the way, I’m sure that looks perfectly adorable when you’re standing in line for a movie and you just have to scratch!),

    what I HAVE had is the strangest itchy rash that comes on at night, usually just when I’m getting ready for bed, but it’s in very specific places, like you had Jessesixx, around my waistline, behind my knees, around my ankles or the tops of my feet, on my arms, and sometimes my neck. It’s the strangest thing! So, Silent Advocate, how did you get so smart at such a young age? ;) I feel like I have a little brother now.

    Blue Eyes and bluebells (sheesh, I almost wrote blueballs by mistake – sorry!) I agree with both of you! I love this site and I finally feel like I have a home, too. :D

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! I FINALLY figured out what that rash was, and when you hear, you might laugh at me!

    Okay, basically, I figured it out one day when I had to change pants (I wear my fav pair of jeans just about everyday – wash them often) but I realized that the TAG on my fav pair of jeans was rubbing against my butt because they kept falling down since they were too loose.

    When I went raw, I kept persisting on wearing the same clothes, even though I was dropping weight! The friction of the tag against my ass as I kept pulling up the jeans is what created the rash!

    And it lasted for months because I kept refusing to get new clothes that fit my new raw body!

    When I realized it was the tag, I switched fav jeans fast! Now I have clothes that fit me much better and the rash is gone! :-D

    In a backwards way, it WAS raw that caused my rash… ;-)

  • Moth~ I think that is the funniest thing I have ever read on this site. I have nothing more to say. Damn funny!

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    Oh my god! Moth this is hilarious! smiles for you today!

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