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My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 5. My mother had fibrostic breast disease and it resulted in breast cancer. She had a total mastecotomy of both breasts under age 35. I am 32 and just had my 3rd mammogram yesterday. Because of my family history of breast cancer my doctors feel I should get a mammogram every year. Even though I feel no lumps or anything this is so nerve wrecking waiting for the results to be mailed to me. ugh. I have been doing alot of researching about breast cancer online and noticed that the National Cancer Institute states that diet is NOT a proven factor in preventing breast cancer?


This information has really bummed me out. Tell me this isn’t true, right? but isn’t this a legit government website? and if it isn’t true WHY would our government want us not to eat healthy? how would that benefit them? or why haven’t they done more studies on diets linked to breast cancer?

There was even a topic on that site linked above that stated that smoking hasn’t been linked to breast cancer either? That’s the difference between my grandmother/mother and I. They smoked (cigarettes and weed ) and drank more than I. ( I’ve never smoked, well just weed in high school ) .. they were also heavy meat/dairy eaters. My mother (even though is a 25 year breast cancer survivor) still eats a horrible greasy, meat filled diet and chain smokes like crazy! I always get teased that she will outlive me =the health nut ;) .....

Anyways, I needed to vent about my breast cancer woes. I am just plained frightened because I’m nearing the age my mother had cancer. I know God will take care of me but I still feel i need to be informed on how to truly prevent breast cancer if possible. Any advice is appreciated.



  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    artzyfartzy- my heart goes out to you and your family. my favorite source for inspiration and information is : http://crazysexycancer.blogspot.com/. they also have forums that i haven’t visited but i’ve heard are phenomenal, supportive and again very informative.

    all the best!
  • Love4LifeLove4Life Raw Newbie

    I am no expert on this, and I still eat SAD - but have incorporated more healthy foods (one day at a time for me :> )... So, this is just my opinion.

    “WHY would our government want us not to eat healthy” IMO, the government would lose alot of money if we all became healthy. I’ve never been to the site you listed, but it doesn’t make any sense to me that a good clean diet (as clean as possible) wouldn’t make a difference it would make all the difference (at least that makes sense to me). I’m coming 44 this year and there are many illnesses that accompany my family gene line… will I get it? who knows, but I do know that God will help me through anything that comes my way, never gives you anything you can’t handle (even when we think he does ). I guess what i’m trying to say is do what you can as far as living the best as far as diet, but also, try not to worry as your mind set is also just as important (IMO) as your eating habits…The way you think is very important to your health (example: I don’t get sick very often, even though i still eat sad diet because “I refuse, i don’t have time”...). I hope this helps a little , have a great day and keep learning as much as you can! God Bless christina

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    Hi artzyfartzy, i’m sorry for your family, I have familiars who have died of cancer and as long as I know their diet was an important reason (I really think that it was the fundamental, real and only reason, but just my opinion). I don’t know if you know Hyppocrates institute and Ann Wigmore (its founder) she cured her cancer eating raw and they help people against cancer in the institute.

    About Goverments and diet: it may be “conspiranoic” but I think that a bad diet benefits food industry and pharmaceutical industry, and I don’t know to what extent govs take their benefits from those industries.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    artzyfartzy~ You ask a good question about the government and the information it distributes… I’ll ask you to think about one major factor that contributes to the “information” the government promotes… Who (aka industry) has the most influence (in the form of money) on the government in the area of health/sickness? Follow the money for your answer and you will have a greater understanding about the agenda the information you read is promoting.

    The best, nontoxic, effective, supportive method for a high quality of life is to give one’s body what it needs to protect, repair, and maintain itself. All the “know-how” is already in the body’s natural processes. Most people do not provide the body the support in the form of good and appropriate nutrition and other quality of life components to function optimally. When the body does not get what it needs, the body screams (symptoms) louder and louder. If the screams are not effectively addressed, one dies. That’s why it is so important to surround oneself with life affirming “health partners.” That’s the good news/bad news… Does that make sense?

    This is for everyone… research Thermography before you make an appointment for your next Mammogram. Thermography has less risk factors associated with it.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    artzyfartzy—you look gorgeous! How raw suits you! I highly recommend the Healing Cancer DVD, available form www.ravediet.com. You can make your own decisions and realistically only 2% of cancers are inherited—what we inherit is the lifestyle. If you ate 0 animal products and had a 100% plant-based diet, i honestly believe your immune system would have everything it needs to wall off and destroy cancer cells. We all get cancer. The cure will not come from giving more $ to the American Cancer Society. It comes from your own healthy immune system. You have the answer, you have the cure and you can decide not to get radiated annually. That little bit of information should drop like a lead balloon at your next MD appt. On a more horrifying note—UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!!! The poorer they are, the worse they eat (not necessarily by choice—it just costs less to drink gallons of soda and 4 pounds of store-brand cookies than it does for a bag of carrots), the sicker they get and we will all foot that healthcare bill!!! It’s A$$ backwards!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    To add to Izhpt comment… it’s not just a plant-based food consumption with no animal products… It is a nutritionally dense, varied, and appropriate food consumption that supports the body’s ability to be/stay healthy. Raw and/or vegan diets do not automatically equal health. Notice that not all raw and/or vegan folks are without health issues. One can still eat “crappy” (ineffective) on a raw vegan diet. Appropriate selection is the key factor.

  • wow, thank you everybody for all your advice & comments. I really love this website.

    heartshapedsky: (btw, i love your username) ...thank you for that blog! omg, I watched a trailer from documentary!! what an inspiration she is.

    love4Life: you are SO right about mind over matter. I am a firm believer of this too. problem is I don’t know ‘how’ to get my mind not to worry. I have been a worrier my whole life..my mom used to call her her little ‘worry-wart’ .. I am a strong Christian and this is one of my downfalls I’ve been working on my whole life.

    anngoingraw: No I never heard of hyppocrates institute. thank you so much for sharing this – i think its just the info I’ve been looking for.

    Bluedolfin: yes, you made a lot of sense. and i have never even heard of thermography. I am researching it now as we speak and excited there is an alternative to mammograms. I was just telling my husband yesterday it doesn’t seem normal to radiate myself annually in my 30s? even 40s? ..and yes, i agree w/you that people can be junk food veggies. in the beginning of my vegetarianism I sorta was. I am becoming more and more informed on proper nutrition and wish I had all those years of crappy eating back ! I am thankful I now have the knowledge of proper nutrition to instill in my children.

    lzhpt: aw you are too nice. thank you so much. i really needed that compliment more than you know. All the info you provided me is what my heart has been telling me for awhile. God guided me in the direction of raw during a period where my health was failing. I never thought I’d be able to handle a raw diet. now i can’t imagine living without it. And yes, univeral healthcare is crazy!

    Btw, can anyone explain to a total newbie to sort of political-govt topics on how the government has a role in the pharmaceutical industry? It makes total sense, I just would like to know more info if possible.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    artzyfartzy~ Many people do not know about Thermography. The more that are informed, the better… There is a ton (could be overwhelming) of information available about the relationship of big pharma and governments (not just US). To start, goto the Forum tab on this site and type “pharm” in the search field. Start with the threads listed. In those threads there are also links to other sites with information. The information can get disheartening… doesn’t have to be… Knowledge is POWER!

    Happy learning…

  • check out the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. This is an amazing book that makes the link between nutrition and disease (e.g. cancer). After reading it I became vegan. (Just to give you an idea of how convincing it is, my parents who are nearly 80 years old cut out all meat and dairy after reading the book). The author also explains why govt. agencies ignore the overriding evidence that a plant based diet is the healthiest.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Bluedolphin—total agreement here. I’ve spent many a day, eating junk raw. I get it.

  • artzyfartzy~You have received wonderfully great advice from all these wonderful “rawies”!!! Here is one more thing for you to think about and it may help YOU to stop being a “worry wart”... Cancer thrives in an ACID environment… What makes our internal environment acid??? Cooked proteins… Eliminate them and your worries are also eliminated!!! Much love to you and your family!!!

  • Artzyfartzy, I can’t believe the difference in your picture. Wow!!! Good for you. You look fantastic.

    Regarding information from the government – well, let’s just say that I know enough politicians to know that their last priority is me. I have terrible stories that I could tell you about the society of self-serving ego-maniacs that run our governments. This is hardly the place for that though…... My advice is to speak to learned people who you trust – ask questions – don’t settle for answers that don’t sound right – challenge the theories and find what works best for you.

    I understand that it’s scary….and that’s why it’s so important. Every woman on my mother’s side of the family (with the exception of her) has died of breast cancer or complications arising from it. Every single one!!!!! I don’t have all of the answers by any stretch of the imagination but I can tell you this – I believe 100% in this raw lifestyle and believe that it will make me (and keep me) as healthy as possible.

    Knowledge is power – good luck.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    What the government said about diet not having to do with getting breast cancer is not true. Diet plays an important role in your health, of course! Also, you should get lots of exercise, try not to eat too many nuts, and BE HAPPY! Illness is caused also by anxiety, as well as other emotional situations. The most important thing of all is to keep your colon as clean as a washed windshield. You should take Garden of Life Primal Defense, it will clean your colon out if you are stopped up a little bit. And trust me, the creepy thing is you may not even know it if you are stopped up. The Primal Defense (along with HUGE amounts of fruit – I share a whole watermelon with my mother lately!). Good luck.

  • What’s not true?

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Sorry for the unclearness. I just meant that what the government said about diet not having to do with getting breast cancer is not true. I’ll fix that.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Btw your kitty is so cute Karuna!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    lzhpt: :) A button of mine got pushed (not by you personally, just by the general subject)... I get frustrated when a somewhat complete picture is not presented and then someone gets disillusioned because they haven’t been giving the necessary information… like many say eat this way or that way (eg. raw) like it is some magical thang in itself and doesn’t need any thought, anything raw is good. Then someone eats raw without some ideal they need to understand what really works and their health collapses, declaring eating raw was sent by the devil… kinda seems like Paul Harvey’s “Rest Of The Story” without coming back from the commercial break, thus leaving out the most important part of the story. (did I just date myself?)

    artzy: One other thang… know that any information that you read on the net, in a book, hear in a lecture, etc., the author and/or messenger passing on the info has an agenda. Many agendas (including those from “health” gurus/companies or from the “evil empire”) are to increase someone’s or some company’s profits. The “information” is backed by shoddy research or a manipulation of the results. The key is to be a critical thinker and look between the lines rather then taking the information at face value. Learning is to be empowered. Knowing the short falls of the information is wisdom. Knowledge is power.

    Ok… I’ll take off my “Moses” robes now… ;)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    ARTZYFARTZY - Honey, you look great! Everyone give this woman a round of applause. (Wait a few moments for applause to end.) At least 95% of the stuff most of us worry about never happens. I can understand why you worry. It is painful when someone you love dies from cancer. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is going to happen to you.

    I learned about thermography a few months ago and I am going to rely on it instead of having yearly mammograms. I prefer to not be irradiated on a regular basis. My doctors disagree with that decision, but I just keep reminding tham it is my body and my decision.

    I am not surprised to hear a government agency state that diet is not linked to breast cancer because they are inclined to serve their most important constituency – Corporate America. CA doesn’t want us healthy as it is less profitable for them. On the other hand, I recall hearing government sources repeatedly say obesity is responsible for 1/3 of all cancers, including breast cancer due to the over production of estrogen in obese women. Isn’t that diet?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Can anyone post the correct name for the cancer test (I think for cervical cancer) that is something like c something 21? This test is effective but most women have to specially request it since most docs don’t tend to include it as part of the batter of tests usually ordered.

  • It is illegal for them I’m sure, to actually prove that diet could cure cancer.

    Because then there wouldn’t be tons of money poured into cutting out peoples body parts and radiating whats left of healthy blood cells…

    Diet can totally cure cancer. NO DOUBT.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    That’s total bullshit that diet doesn’t have an effect. Read this thread I posted about this. The doctor I cite specializes in women’s cancers. http://www.goneraw.com/forums/3/topics/2978

  • If you listened to the regulations you would have been smoking in the 60s and 70s. They tell you to drink milk and have some meat regularly even though you can prove that milk is bad for you. Good for you bones? Why not take a calcium suppliment and avoid the negative effects? They tell you that’s it’s not dangerous to use these concentrated chemicals in your home and say that pesticides really aren’t a problem too. So I’m not about to believe what they say about cancer, either.


    Read that article. It is probably the most comprehensive cancer article that I have seen in terms of its easiness to read (you can show it to anyone and they’d understand). You can look up anything health wise (minus some of the conspiracy theory, in my opinion) that he says in the article and it is all true.

    Food has CURED my acne. It has cured my ADD. These are two things that they tell you that you HAVE to use drugs for, just like forms of cancer. Whole, unprocessed food improved my acne and ADD, and then raw food came through and wiped it off the map.

    Everything is related to diet.

    I hope this link helps as dherbs has good information. I have performed this man’s full body detox and I will stand behind it as a good product. It cleaned my system and made me feel like a kid again, along with the raw food. If anyone has any questions about it, let me know.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Because the government is corrupt, that is why. Can you imagine a government that manipulates, creates wars and slaughters innocents for a buck and Big Business actually creating a cancer info site that is honest and accurate??

    Anyhow, my mother, her sister and their mother all had breast cancer and I’ll definately adjust my diet and keep it as clean as possible. Let the government go pull the wool over others’ eyes. If you want to see evil, study the history of the FDA.

  • Yeah Alix. And the key is to live and eat healthily. Listening to the government and then worrying about what will happen to you is the wrong way to go about it. If we eat well, we can be happy that we are avoiding that lifestyle full of illness instead of sitting around in fear of these “non-preventable” deseases. The key is controlling what we can control and feeling confident about our health. Think about it, this is an FDA that says prevention is getting checked. They say getting checked is #1. Sure, it’s important, but if you don’t get it in the first place, it’s 10x better. And not everything can be checked for.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    True, thecavsman! Also, I well remember(yes, I’m that old) the FDA’s willingness to sell and actively promote the use of dioxin(I can’t spell the proper name!) in over the counter hygiene products when people started to become ill and question the use. It’s been decades and I’m still horrified and disgusted by their actions.

  • Yup. The past is even worse than it is now – and while that was a while ago, it’s not that distant. We could go on forever. Just watch Nickelodeon if you want the truth on the FDA. Breakfast is advertised as Reese’s cereal, as drinking milk through an edible sugary straw, as Fruit Pebbles – and the FDA signs on with this type of food by throwing in that it should be part of a complete breakfast – and what is a complete breakfast? Milk and bread pretty much. Kids are eating to become diabetics along with a host of other problems. It is not until you get sick that you change your diet – since the gov’t doesn’t realize that what treats disease prevents disease. I beg the original poster not to worry about what the national cancer societies say. They are too busy trying to develop a pill that cures disease.

  • Bluedolfin~ I believe that test is called ( CA 123 &/or CA 125 ) the different numbers depends on pre or post menopausal…

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    THE GOVERNMENT IS RIGHT! Diet alone is not enough, even HIgh Raw Food is not a guarantee. There is another element to health that must be dealt with. That is your mind. If you believe you are meant to get Breast Cancer, you will, no matter what steps you take to be healthy.

    You minds primary job is to create for you the world that you believe in. This is why Placebo medicine works at least 40% of the time. The patients belief in the pills are enough to cure them. 

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    waterbaby12347: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My brain has been spinning and getting nowhere trying to remember the name of that test.

    Y’all: More fuel for the fires of knowledge… CA 125 for testing for Ovarian Cancer!

  • Yes, the CA125. My mother died of ovarian cancer, and both of her sisters have breast cancer. Mom advised me to start getting that test every 6 months (and moving up my pelvic exams to every 6 months vs. yearly). I went to 2 MD’s and both did not want to give me the CA125 because of the amount of “false positives” that show up from the screening. They said the false positives cause “worrying” and in the end can do more harm than good. So hard when a professional tries to talk you out of something that may help.

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