It seems as though I have every simptom for hypothyroidism but yet my blood tests come back negative. I do have thyroid antibodies though. I was wondering if maybe my raw food diet is so healthy that it is masking my thyroidism, thus making it undetectable in my blood work. If anyone has any knowledge it would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    What thyroid test did you have? The standard TSH?

  • yes, and a T3 or something like that. My blood test showed that one thing was in the range for hypothyroidism while the other part was in the correct range. But it showed that I have thyroid antibodies.

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    The TSH, T4 test doesn’t tell you what you need to know about your thyroid. Most doctors are actually treating the TSH and not the patient. Once the TSH test is normal, most will tell you that your thyroid is under control and it may not be the case. Many thyroid patients still have symptoms of disfunctional thyroids and have normal TSH tests. I was one of them and I experienced ongoing problems for many years until I educated myself.

    Here are some great resources:

    Stop the Tyroid Madness

    Thyroid at About.com

    I don’t believe that Mary Shoman is a health care professional, but she suffered from a thyroid disorder and could not get her doctors to properly treat her. She has become a leading thyroid health care advocate and is the source at About.com on thyroid issues. I began reading her information and Stop the Thyroid Madness and stopped relying on what my medical doctors were telling me. As a result, I got my thyroid problems under control.

    Investigate these links and you will find out what you need to know.

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    Mary Shoman’s book, “Living Well With Hypothyoidism What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You” is a lifesaver. It also made me mad at just how ignorant so many doctors are regarding something that affects so many people. Anyway, I really recommend reading this book!

  • I have been trying to get more in depth thyroid testing for over a year, and my doctors will not run the tests. My TSH is 2.9, which they say is right in the middle, but I also have every symptom of hypothyroid.

    I have asked both my GP and my endocrinologist for more tests. For those of you who have had tests done, who did you go to? A specialist or your regular docs?

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    BUNNY - go to the link I posted above called Stop the Thyroid Madness. On the left column, there is another link called adrenal info. Near the bottom of that page are labs you can send your own saliva to and have a proper adrenal test, which is very revealing about you related thyroid functioning.

    What is up with your endocrinologist? I know they don’t teach GPs anything sound about thyroid health but your endocronologist should be on board.

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