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edible raw rice

hey everyone out there… I was curious on rice. What types of rice is edible when soaked? Is there rice out there that can be soaked and eaten? I am craving rice, be it that I am asian. I have been very good at staying away from cooked rice. Any suggestions on what I could buy and soak to satisfy my craving?


  • I process cauliflower in a food processor until I get it down to rice size pieces and I season it with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon. It doesn’t taste like rice but it does the trick.

    I have also heard of doing the same with jicama, or turnips. Try it, good luck!

    ps. I do not know of eating soaked rice. :) Blessings :) deasmiles

  • nthmostnthmost Raw Newbie

    Good fresh brown rice (i.e. hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for ages, hasn’t been irradiated) is edible after a period of soaking. You’ll need to do 2 or 3 cycles of soaking and rinsing, changing the water every 12 or 24 hours.

    I actually find soft wheat to be much more rice-like than soaked brown rice. You can buy soft wheatberries in bags from many different ethnic markets (I live in a very Hispanic area, so I find this in Mexican markets), because it’s normally boiled into soups. You can eat these raw if they’re soft enough, or you can soak them for 12-24 hours. Don’t soak them much longer, as they have a tendency to mold.

    Another route you could take is soaked buckwheat. For me the taste is unpalatable, but a lot of people like it.

    Some raw foodists include “wild rice”, that long-grained dark brown seed that costs way too much, but this isn’t really raw. The original seed isn’t that dark colour—that comes from parching at high temperatures.

  • O_o I didn’t know that about wildrice! wowza! i never really ate it.. it was always such a bbbbbbb to make.

  • Thanks guys. Deasmiles, I too uses cauliflower when in need. Nthmost, thanks for all your options. How do you know if brown rice is fresh? I will look for wheatberries at specialty markets.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I thought there was no such thing as raw rice. Whenever I have looked into this issue, I have found that all rice has been steamed and sometimes boiled.I am pretty certain that even brown rice has been subjected to heat.

  • What about aquatic seeds? Anyone know any info on that?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    what are aquatic seeds? I’ve never heard of them.

  • Hello. Omg MJFaerie, thats exactly what i’ve been having issues with—craving RICE!!! Its becoming very challenging to stay away from cooked rice, especially since i cook it alot for my family. I could say i’ve done alot with experimenting with rice and rice substitutes. Heres what i can say about just regular brown rice- I’ve soaked it for over 24hours, drained it,covered with paper towel and kept rinsing it regularly, and believe it or not it actually sprouted. It took several days, but it did. You gotta keep it in a warmish place. I’ve also soaked wild rice for 24 hours and put it in a salad. Whole wild rice also sprouts. As far as eating it, thats another story. It really isnt all that, for me at least.Its still hardish and , well i dont know. Just not a big fan. My mom has made Meditteranean Dolmas with soaked brown rice, and they were ok. I’ve processed turnips to use as rice in nori rolls, and that was ok. Same with cauliflower. I like what Deasmiles says about the cauliflower & salt & oil etc! I think im gonna try that. OH! What i liked as a rice substitute is soaked barley. I felt it was chewy like rice and the flavor wasn’t too bad. I put that in nori rolls, dolmas, and spanish rice recipe and liked it. You should try that, you might like it as a replacement. It had a good texture and goes well in recipes. I used both pearled and hulled. The hulled i sprouted (the pearled doesent sprout). All in all, like yourself mjfaerie, despite all the cooked rice around me, I’ve been very good about staying away from it! Even so much as a taste! I admit though, latley its been killing me! :(

  • Mishmish, I will try barley and brown rice. The cravings are intense at times but preserverance gets me thru. Thank you.

  • I had soaked red rice recently and it was really good. I had none of the stomach upsets and blow outs I normally get eating grains. :)

  • Mjfaerie, Sprouted wheatberries….yum!!!These do it for me. I like to make Alissa Cohen’s wheatberry salad…but if you’re craving a cooked rice experience rinse the sprouted wheatberries in warm water and put a little salt and olive oil on them. That may do the trick! Best of luck…

  • VeganOfThePeopleVeganOfThePeople Raw Newbie

    I would venture a guess that the craving for rice is due to dampness in your digestive system. The grains can help dry this dampness out, hence your craving for rice. As the posters above say, you can try soaked wheatberries and buckwheat, among other things. I show how to soak buckwheat in one of my videos.

    My raw-vegan-recipes YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCouuRlFKRf-FupFjPgsmIiw

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