Chlorella, Cilantro, Vaccination & Thuja

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I was reading this post about cilantro and chlorella Where do you get chlorella? And do you eat cilantro raw or in capsule/supplement form? A friend is getting vaccinated and she is also breastfeeding. She is concerned for her baby’s health after vaccination. I don’t really want to discuss the issue of vaccination, I already sent her some good info from people here that gave good website references and someone mentioned Thuja. So, she just needs to know what form of cilantro & chlorella to take… and if anyone has any advice regarding breastfeeding and vaccinations would be great. I recommended she see a naturopath/homeopath too. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi germin8, I got chlorella from my local tiny teeny health food store in the form of pills. I put it in my cilantro smoothies! I get bunches of the cilantro from the store and just eat in in my smoothie from Sarma Melngalis.… It helps me get both, the cilantro and the chlorella.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for the reply. So, sounds like cilantro doesn’t have to come in pill form… and chlorella does.

  • i know you dont want to discuss vacc. issues, but does she have to get vacced now? can she not wait until she is not b-feeding? my son is on the autism spectrum because of vacc. we are seeing a naturopathic doc. you can get chlorella in capsules at most herbal/vitamin stores. not sure about cilantro caps. but you can get it fresh at any grocer.

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    Yeah, she has to get it now! As in… in 2 weeks.

    frostbitfairy, you should check into Thuja. From what I read on Get Fresh and Zoe’s post ... it sounds like it helps minimize or eliminate effects from vaccines.

  • thanks, i am looking into it right now! right now he is on homeopathic drops, probiotics, immunoglobulin, and immune boosters.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    if she has a juicer she can juice fesh cilantro.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    frostbitfairy, would you let me know what you find out about Thuja?

    My friend got chlorella & Thuja…. but, she is not going to take the Thuja until she gets more info… and probably won’t use it unless she has a reaction to the MMR vaccine.

    The next thing she has to work on is getting her baby to drink out of a bottle. I wonder how long before she can breast feed again.

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