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Need Menu for Grandma's House!

AziahAziah Raw Newbie

Ok I am taking the kittens to their grandma’s house this weekend and I have NO IDEA what to bring with me. So far I have been going nuts every day preparing “crazy bread”, cookies, tarts, nut milks (or something similar). Preping this stuff takes up most of my morning. Obviously I can’t keep up this pace at my mothers house. So what do you suggest I bring?

Also, are their any fool-proof recipes my mom can make for the girls? She doesn’t have a food processor, juicer, or dehydrator. I think she just has a blender, mixer, and a magic bullet. But she will want to make something for them and all I can think of is a fruit salad.

Thanks in advance! ;0)

btw – grandma’s house is 4 hours away


  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    awww…anyone want to help me?!

  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    well, if she has a blender, you can tell her how to make lots of fruit smoothies and nut milks, and maybe some puddings with avocado, cacao powder, and dates and/or agave nectar if her blender can handle it.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    try a mexican salad. fresh corn, cilantro, etc. there’s recipes on this site. marinated veggies. alfredo zucchini pasta- you can make this with a veg. peeler and blender. see the recipe at this site Make a simple stuffing see this link

    Cut fruit into fun shapes. Make fruit puddings.

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    Package raw chocolate or vanilla puddings…

    Bring a raw granola and eat that for breakfast.

    Ask her if you can help her make a salad each evening and eat that.

    Send her a raw cookie recipe.

    Bring lots of fruit…

    Hope this helps a little…


  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    thanks guys

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    I would go for quick and easy food like large salads with good seed dressings. Also, processing some veggies, adding seasoning and then warming up in a pot is good with a sauce to go over it.


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