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Tanning without burning

Does anyone know how to tan faster in the sun without burning, that is, without the use of sunscreen? Like maybe rubbing coconut oil on the skin instead? Would that help tan faster? Anyone know? I have very very light skin. Pale. And I want to get darker, not red under the sun. I’m looking for the safest, most natural method. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!


  • Can you say, melenoma, wrinkles, thick old ugly skin??? Sorry I believe we all should get about 10 minutes of sunshine a day for Vit D and use hats and long sleeves and pants after that… Just my opinion and based on what I have seen happen to others in my lifetime, I stand firmly on my opinion… If you are young, take heed… Save yourself as no one else will… :}

  • I think burning is bad, but tanning is great. They say eating brocolli is the best sunscreen you can have. (I’ve even heard about juicing brocolli and using that for a sunscreen) I never use a sunscreen and I spend just about as much time in the sun as I can. I also, am extremely pale in fall and winter. But not summer, I get as brown as anything. I love spritzing my face and body with a water bottle while I’m working outside. I think that eating a pure diet and pure products help your body respond well to the sun. And personally, I think sunshine is truly wonderful for you. It makes me feel and look better. If you decide to go with sunscreen, I know Burt’s Bees just made some, that looks good.

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz had a special on HBO some months ago having to do with health and several different experiments. One had to do with preventing sunburn…eating tomato paste every day. And it actually worked! He has several books out and one has the experiments in it. Hope this helps.

  • I think I either read somewhere or watched something on youtube about raw foodist or anyone who eats a lot of blended greens (green smoothies) will respond differently to the sun because they receive the chlorophyll but I’m not exactly sure what the effect of it was. lol sorry I guess I’m not much help but I do find that interesting

  • Sunny7.1~ Was that just tomatoe whipped into paste, raw tomatoe paste, or the conventional stuff?

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Mike Adams had an interview where he said that eating dark blue fruits/berries naturally protect you from the sun. But I don’t know how to speed up your tanning process without burning.

  • Sky Princess~ I saw the same program, it was the conventional canned tomato paste…

  • I don’t have any sugestions on how to get darker, but I hear on a lecture that we need at least 20 minutos of direct sun light to have all the vit D we need and if you have darker skin you need a little bit longer. I love the sun, without it, I get depress, and my skin gets a realy nice color during summer time that last long time.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    WATERBABY, SKY PRINCESS - If the tomato paste thing is true, it must be the lycopene, wich is easier to absorb when it has already combined with an oil. This is why those recommending this nutrient always tell you to eat foods made with tomato paste or sauce.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Eating chlorophyll-rich foods (broccoli, greens, etc.) protects the skin from sunburn.

  • Yah, well that makes sense…raw tomatoe paste is probably even better. :0)

  • I found my book, “The Truth About Food”, written by Jill Fullerton-Smith with a foreword by Dr. Mehmet Oz. In the experiment people were given daily portions of tomato paste (55 grams), containing about 16 milligrams of lycopene, mixed with 10 grams of olive oil. The result was a definite and marked improvement in skin protection, which really did appear to be a result of the lycopene in the diet.

    It says at the end if you want to try the same diet you need to eat 16 mg of lycopene every day. Just eat one of the following: tomato paste (55 mg) about 3 dessert spoonfuls, fresh raw tomatoes (600g) 7-8 med. size, tomato juice (200ml) small glass, sundried tomatoes (40g), tomato sauce (100ml) 6-7 Tbl. Lycopene is fat soluble, so where there isn’t any oil, you would need to add some olive oil.

    Hope this helps.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Dr. Mercola has been going on and on about getting enough sunlight lately – it seems he opts for more than the standard recommended 20 minutes. I’ve also read other studies that showed things like fertility were linked with sunlight; Scandinavian countries are FAR more fertile in summer months. I personally believe that we evolved with a lot more sunlight than we’re getting now – I’m sure we were out hunting, farming, grazing and living life outdoors a lot more than being indoors – even in cold countries. Sunlight makes us happy and wards off depression too. Since going high raw, I’ve noticed that I get darker faster and burn far less than before, plus I also seem to hold my suntan longer.

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