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helloo :) joined a few days ago. Iv been into living foods for years now and since i moved to london raw living has been great. Iv had gourmet raw food for the first time and would love to set up a stall somewhere to sell excellent raw organic produce but have no capital :( i was very disappointed today as i went to check out a raw caf near kings cross but discovered it is closed for the next couple of months due to refurb. i enjoy eating simply because its when i feel my best and eating raw gourmet dishes is better than any cooked dishes iv ever tasted. Vita organic is well priced and the salad bar is amazing- they make the best raw hummus. I had dinner at Saf for the first time last week and it was the tastiest meal ever but sooo filling!! they do an amazing chocolate ganache (think it has some alcohol in the raspberries served with it, but they source extremely good organic and pure spirits)... also my fave was their seaweed salad, I made a version with the dried packet stuff which you soak (from sainsburys, waitrose and the like). Also had that with the mushroom main course which tasted like meat and was so flavoursome. Anyway heres a list of places in London if anyones interested:

Camden : Inspiraled- few minutes walk from camden tube next to camden lock (yummy raw soup, cakes, juices, choc) cool atmosphere, music and shtuff

Soho : VitaOrganic- Wardour street, off shatesbury avenue (options of salad bar and raw gourmet food, juices,cakes, nut milks) relaxed and cosy

Shoreditch : Saf- curtain road 10 mins from liverpool street (lots of juices,cocktails, large menu of raw gourmet, “cheese” courses, salads, deserts)expensive but wow!

Vauxhall : Bonningtons- never been here but check out rawfairies website for more details think they’re raw on certain days of the month

Highgate : Dragonfly- do a raw menu… will pay them a visit soon :)

Edgware : Oriental city- sells large range of yummy raw stuff, young coconuts, fruit n veg, teas, DURIANS! (also a supermarket next to staples corner)

china town sells durians and stuff as well but havn’t been shopping there yet.

Kensington High Street : wholefoods organic supermarket is excellent. theres one in soho but its not as big. They sell Shazzies things which I love and concious chocolate which is the best I’ve tasted yet. Try the coconut and goji berry one mmm. The do brilliant selection of fruit and veg, sprouts if you can’t be bothered to grow your own which i can’t :D Good selection of dried fruit, nuts and seeds and oils but I don’t trust that any oils are stone pressed and unfiltered. Better to order them online. They have a crappy salad bar but it serves a purpose when your hungry :) Don’t bother going upstairs to eat or get a juice as I think most of the juices contain pasteurised ingredients not fresh. Go five minutes down the road towards St james park and next to STRADA is a juice bar that is very good. Think its CRUSSH

Oxford street : Fruzi juice bar is a nice one i think, near bond street station if you head towards oxford circus from there about 5 minutes walk

Hope that this has helped anyone who lives in the area or visiting so you can get the best raw experience of London! Please let me know if theres anywhere else that sells rawbee friendly stuff xoxoxox


  • Hi Biscuit. I live in Kent (near Sevenoaks). Thanks for all the London info. I want to go to Saf. I read a review on it and it sounds amazing. Any ideas for my morning porridge?!

  • Hi, just signed up myself to the forums as looking to become more raw.

    I’ve been to Saf. It’s very good. I had the lasagne and beetroot raviolli. Oh, the lemon cheesecake is out of this world!! You must try that.

    re: morning porridge, have you tried blending up soaked almonds with some fruit?

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I recommend buying chia seeds. They soak up almond milk and the texture is exactly like porridge!

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