Women-need your advice

My GYN. noticed nipple discharge during my yearly exam. He seemed very concerned and sent me for a mammogram/bloodwork. Could this be detox? Has anyone else experienced this? I had not noticed any problems prior to my exam.


  • Hi Girlygirl,

    don’t worry about it, I never had this but at 24 had to have a mass removed and it turned out to be fine. I worried myself sick needlessly while I waited for the biopsy/bloodwork etc, when I should have just waited for the tests. I can understand how you feel but if you can, breathe deeply and wait. :) Blessings and good wishes, dea.

  • I had this several months back. It was more than likely hormonal imbalance – it went away and never returned.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    When I was having the beginning symptoms of my thyroid issues, I had nipple discharge. If it was me I would ask the dr. if you could get a blood panel before you agreed to the mammagram. If it is a hormonal imbalance and the bloodwork discovers it, then you most likely will not need the mammagram. I say this only because if you are not of the age (forty plus years old) where you would typically get the mam. then it would really be an unnecessary procedure if the bloodwork took care of it. (Does that make sense?)

    If it is a hormonal imbalance, then raw food is the way to go!

    Oh, I guess I should have asked first….have you had a child, or been pregnant in the past? If so, it could be hormonal issues from that as well. I have not nursed my daughter now for over a year and I still have discharge.

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