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Ah, stupid headache- I need help with this diet...

My previous posts have sort of chronicled my struggle to stay raw. I’ve managed a week here, a couple days there, etc, since deciding to go raw… adopting this lifestyle has been a travailing task so far. Any way… I would consider today to be my first official day back into raw foods. I’ve been eating all raw, except for some salad dressing on my greens.

And now I have an ENORMOUS headache. I’m not sure if this is a detox symptom… I noticed huge headaches before as well, during my past raw attempts. But, I think this may have to do with the fruit… This diet is very, very sweet! Majority of the things I’ve been eating have included fruit… green smoothies, fruit itself, salad (with a sweet tasting dressing), a larabar…

This was my problem before… there’s not a lot of variety for me. It’s all fruit, or fruit-based; and just way too much sweetness. I get huge headaches and feel extremely dizzy when I eat this way! I need to keep my diet simple… just raw fruits and vegetables- I’m not allowing myself any nuts.

Am I going to be able to find any balance here?

I don’t want to just eat sweet things all the time. I mean, I used to be able to eat things like cheese and sandwiches and all kinds of different foods with varying flavors…

Is there hope for me?

And what options do I have in treating headaches? Waiting it out isn’t some thing that I’m going to be able to tolerate.

Is there any thing I can do?


  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    No nuts? But you said you eat Larabars… ? You should try seeds. Do you eat avocados? The headaches are probably partly detox, partly too much sugar. Your stomach isn’t used to all the fruit, which is giving you indigestion headaches, most likely. Happens to me when I eat too much of something raw.

  • rawbeginner~Why don’t you try eating fruits only at breakfast and for lunch a green smoothie for dinner a mixed salad with fresh lemon and extra virgin olive oil mixed and drizzled over, for a week or so and see if not mixing the non-raw with the raw is easier for you to deal with… Also, I have heard that peppermint oil is good for a headache, you put it in you palm and rub your hands together then breathe it in for a few moments and then rub it on your forehead and back of your neck… Hope this helps you to feel better soon and to enjoy being raw!!!

  • JDJD

    I would think the headaches might have to do with detox. You may be doing too much at once. It’s best to progress slowly. We all want to detox but it does not have to be so harsh. When I did it and it got to be too much, I just weaned off a bit and then continued. No need to beat yourself up, it’s all a work in progress and takes time for sure. Take your time with things and you’ll get there. If you already know you are eating too much fruit and it’s not doing you much service, stop and figure out what else you can eat!

    Perhaps a fair eating regime so you do not overload on fruit would be:

    fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, raw soup for dinner. There are plenty of soups on this site and all you need is a blender.

  • I had the same thing happen to me, and some cooked food got rid of the headache. I am just new at this, too, and am curiously exploring, so that is why I tried the cooked food which did contain meat. I am wondering, now if it has to do with ph. If so, maybe arobic exersize would help since it is acid forming. Also, some nuts are acid forming if you can handle them. I am exploring these possibilties because I want to go raw and stay raw, but I am getting a lot if counsel to go slow and ease my way in. pianissma has some interesting things to say about it on her blog. Alot is being said about the emotional blocks that people can have with going raw, but there is also the physical blocks that present themselves even when we are emotionally and mentally ready. This is much more complex that I thought it would be. It seems like a younger person is able to overcome these obstcles easier. I had wanted to be so supportive of my son when he chose this, and to lead him, and advise him, but… for all in the world, the tables have turned!!!!

  • I am learning that acid can actually build up in your system over the years, and when something happens such as stress, or change in eating, or injury, it kind of gets stirred up. Of course most cooked food is acid forming, and most raw food is alkaline. The body is always trying to become more alkaline, so when you change your diet to a more alkaline consumption, all of the acid sludge just starts coursing through the system as the body is trying to rid itself of it! Then when you eat or do something to cause more acid to come in, your body just begins to go on alert again and starts stuffing the acid back down, so there is not an overload. I am not sure that this is what happens, but that is just what is coming to me right now. Please, any one who knows better feel free to correct me! :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I tried to do the fruit by itself thing before – but I either had hypoglycemia or was already developing type 1 diabetes, and I would feel horrible when I ate a lot of fruit, or if I ate it by itself. I have type 1 diabetes now, and I do really well eating fruit if I also have nuts or something with fat & protein at the same time. I also find I need grains. Manna Bread is a good transition food, or you can make raw breads by sprouting grains, mixing them with veggies & seasonings, and dehydrating them. The raw diet is only really sweet if you make it that way – everyone is different, and everyone’s needs, recommendations, etc. will be different also. Just be careful – a headache the first day raw may have more to do with something being wrong than with detox, and the point here is to be healthy & happy, and not to cause or aggravate health problems :) Green juices are great for me, and I like non-sweet meals like sushi-type rolls, zucchini pasta, etc.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Also, if it is detox, fruit is really cleansing, and nuts, fats, and cooked foods slow down the cleansing process so it isn’t so hard on your body all at once. If you do want to be raw all at once, green juices help make detox easier and symptoms less severe.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    how much are you drinking? for me a headache usually eases up if I drink lots of water, lay back with a cool cloth on me head.

    If you are looking for a dressing that is not sweet try a little tahini with some apple cider vinegar and water. it is delicious!

  • Hi there! Rawbeginner I see this is an old post so I’m wondering if you are still raw? I also get headaches with raw fruit and vegetables that are not detox. I’m still not sure what causes them, histamine or salysilicate sensitivity or something like that but have you followed people who follow 80/10/10? It is an awesome raw food lifestyle that I’m trying to get to. If you follow a Lot of the people they are high energy and look and feel awesome! I can give you some names to follow on Instagram if you would like! Because if you eat enough calories on this raw food plan you shouldn’t feel dizzy! Just some thoughts!
  • jennahjennah Raw Newbie

    If you want variety I think celery juice is AMAZING in the morning (look up the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams) for a really satisfying and salty kind of morning refresher. 

    Also, sun-dried tomatoes are amazing, so savory/salty/satisfying.

    Another great snack are that's it fruit bars. They are on the sweet side- but the act of biting into a bar that doesn't have any fat is nice.

  • For me, physical activity helps a lot! Just do few push ups and feel what happens. For me it sometimes reduces the headache and other times takes it out fully.

  • NagualNagual Raw Newbie


    And what about the opposite, having headache when not eating raw food?

    My head is becoming a precise sensor, when eating a salty food or cafeine or artificial sugar.

    Anyone else?


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