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KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

I cannot seem to find the answer to this question ANYWHERE - so I thought I’d ask.

What happens if/can you eat too many good fats?

As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, I eat LOTS of nuts/healthy fats (that’s the only fats I get!), from nut butters, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc. But I’m worried at how much I eat sometimes, although if I don’t eat the fats then I can’t seem to get enough calories and I lose weight! The only negative thing I’ve been able to find about good fats is that you’ll gain weight if you eat too many (which hasn’t been happening to me, no matter how much I eat!).

I guess I’m just a little worried and want to be sure I’m not wreaking havoc on myself after trying so hard NOT to! lol.

Thanks for any answers…


  • Well, I think it depends on your metabolism. It sounds like you have a pretty fast one if you can eat lots of nuts and not gain weight, but if I eat too many nuts I put on a couple of pounds. I don’t think avocados would do anything bad, though. They’re awesome :D

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    if your profile tells the truth you haven’t been raw for very long. it is NOT a good idea to eat too many fats because your body just doesn’t need them… but it does NOW because you are transitioning. think of it this way: you are severely constricting calories by eating raw. if you were to blend and dehydrate an entire raw meal it would amount to nothing less than a small pile of dust. that’s fine for bodies who are used to eating fruits and coconut water, but not for those of us who are coming off of unhealthy diets (even “healthy” cooked vegan diets!). eat too much “water” (raw fruits and veggies are mostly water) and you will detox way too rapidly and miss out on feeling rejuvenated through detox.

    i’m reading “raw success” by matt monarch, which contains TONS of helpful (and scientific) information on diet… he says for the first 3 YEARS of being raw he ate a HUGE dinner salad with 3 avocados, all sort of veggies, nuts, etc…

    if you want to mix it up a little, try varying it with some chia seeds, dehydrated foods, sprouted grains, etc… denser foods that aren’t all fat.

    i also recommend “raw spirit.” it’s just so refreshing to read something by someone who has done their research. the pseudo-information in recipe books only got me so far.

    good luck!

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    No, I haven’t been raw but for maybe 2 months tops, and not 100% yet…

    I currently have “Raw Success” and “Raw Spirit” held at my library, and also something about “Green for Life” or something like that; but they’re still checked out ;D.

    I will try some sprouted grains, that should help. Unfortunately I do not have a dehydrator and my oven only goes down to 175 F! I guess I could dehydrate some stuff in my car! OK maybe not… (haha it’s hot where I live and I dried out a banana peel into a solid form the other day by leaving it in my car).

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Different people need different things, and the same person needs different things at different times, depending on what is happening in the individual. I have eaten high-raw for almost 3 years, and I am eating what may be a lot of nuts for some people. I have been interested to watch what my body wants and how that changes. Sometimes I use a lot of oil, and other times I hardly want it. My belief/experience is that as long as you are giving your body plenty of options of different kinds of foods, you will be drawn to the things that are most effective & efficient at meeting your body’s ever-changing needs.

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